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Resistance leaders discuss Israeli aggression in Palestine, wider region

Tehran, IRNA - Leaders of the Resistance Front from Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen have convened via a video conference ahead of International Quds Day to address the Israeli regime's aggression throughout the region, particularly its ongoing genocidal war against the Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The virtual gathering dubbed the Al-Quds Tribune, serves as a platform for resistance leaders to discuss strategies and coordinate efforts to counter the Israeli regime.

Here are the highlights of the summit:

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Secretary General of the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, addressed the Al-Quds Tribune on Wednesday, underlining that Operation Al-Aqsa Storm pushed the Israeli regime on the verge of downfall and destruction, which will come out gradually.

Nasrallah went on to say that the current confrontations in Palestine and the region are the storm of freedom-seekers, expressing hope that these clashes will expand and improve.

He urged pro-Palestine movements and supporters to clarify the strategic results of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm and especially the failure of US-Israeli plots in the region during International Quds Day.

Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas' Political Bureau, told the Al-Quds Tribune that the Israeli regime could not commit this level of aggression and crimes in Gaza without direct contribution by the United States.

The Hamas leader argued that al-Quds city is at a historic juncture, and Operation Al-Aqsa Storm has revitalized the hope for finite victory and liberation of the holy city.

The Operation Al-Aqsa Storm helped unite the Islamic Ummah, Haniyeh said, noting that this unity happened as a result of coordination in battlegrounds of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen with the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ziyad al-Nakhalah, Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, also addressed the event by saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran has created a historic epic in supporting the Palestinian resistance.

The Islamic Jihad official underlined that the Gaza residents are standing against the axis of evil namely the Israeli regime, the US, and the West in general.

He also urged the world to turn International Quds Day as a platform to improve the unity of nations and resistance, adding that the Gaza Strip will persist and win the fight due to the steadfastness of its residents.

Addressing the event, Abdul-Malik Badruldeen al-Houthi, Leader of the Ansarullah movement in Yemen, emphasized that the only option in the face of the enemy is fighting and its effectiveness has been proved in Lebanon and Gaza.

He said the Islamic Ummah is tasked with supporting the Palestinian nation, because this war is the conflict of all Muslim nations.

He said that Yemen will enhance its naval fleets and missile capabilities in a bid to improve support for the Palestinian people.

Al-Houthi added that the occupiers could not achieve any of their objectives in Gaza after six months of crimes and aggression.

Akram al-Kaabi, Founder and Secretary-General of Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba in Iraq, warned that the Islamic Resistance in Iraq will expand and speed up its military operation if the Israeli regime continues its brutal aggression against Gaza.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq is a main section of the resistance axis; so, its fighters will continue supporting the Palestinian nation, he noted.

Despite the fact that the resistance front has used only a fraction of its military might, it has succeeded in challenging the grandeur of the US and the Israeli regime.


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