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UNSC inaction against genocide in Gaza is century’s diplomacy disaster: Iran

Geneva, IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian has said that the inaction of the UN Security Council in the wake of the genocide in Gaza is the century’s diplomacy disaster.

Amirabdollahian, who is in Geneva for the 55th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), made the remarks at a foreign ministerial subsidiary panel on Palestine.

Referring to the killing of 30,000 innocent people in Palestine, 70% of whom are women and children, the foreign minister said that it is the most terrible statistics of infanticide in the history of mankind.

He noted that two different types of genocide are going on in Gaza, in one of them there are people losing their lives as a result of Zionist attacks and bombardments, and in the other one people are starving to gradual death.

The Iranian foreign minister said that the situation is more horrible in northern Gaza where some 600,000 Gazan people are still there and are feeding their children with grass and leaves.

Iran believes that sending weapons to continue the genocide in Gaza is an unforgivable mistake, and cutting off any cooperation, especially in the economic and commercial fields, with the “apartheid regime of Israel” is the most urgent action that must be taken by all governments and countries, Amirabdollahian said.

He noted that the killing of Palestinian people cannot continue until what the Zionists call the full elimination of Hamas as he stressed that this time will never come.

He further highlighted that the future of Palestine depends on Palestinian-Palestinian talks and the imposed plans are doomed to failure.


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