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Hezbollah missiles hit Israeli regime targets in southern Lebanon

Tehran, IRNA – the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah has launched new missile attacks on two military targets controlled by the Israeli regime in occupied regions in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah issued a short statement on Monday saying its missiles had hit the al Semmaqiyeh military position in Kfarchouba and the Roisat-ul-Alam in the occupied Shebaa Farms.

The attacks came after Hezbollah hit Israeli military targets in north of the occupied Palestine earlier on Monday.

That comes as the group issued a separate statement on Monday saying three of its forces had been martyred in the ongoing cross-border trading of fire with the Israeli regime.

The statement identified the three martyred Hezbollah fighters as Salman Mohammad Faghih, Abbas Ahmad al-Kharsa and Abbas Nasser.

Hezbollah has launched more than 900 operations to hit targets controlled by Israel since early October when the regime started its brutal war against the Palestinians in Gaza.

The Lebanese group has said that the attacks will continue until the Israeli regime stops its aggression on Gaza.


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