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Hezbollah fully prepared for potential Israeli aggression on Lebanon: Qassem

Tehran, IRNA – Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem has said that the Lebanese resistance movement is fully prepared for a possible large-scale Israeli attack on Lebanon, and will give an appropriate response to any such act of aggression.

“Israeli officials should not have the illusion of conducting a large-scale attack or ground operation against Lebanon, because Hezbollah will continue to support the Lebanese people as well as Palestinians and their resistance [groups] in Gaza”, Sheikh Qassem said at a ceremony in Beirut, according to report by the Iraq-based Alahad TV.  

The senior Hezbollah official made the remarks in reaction to different Israeli officials who have recently spoken of a potential full-scale war with Lebanon.

Sheikh Qassem said that the Israeli officials are well-aware that Hezbollah is always ready for fighting even if it uses a little amount of its military capabilities, adding that the resistance movement will give an appropriate response to any act of aggression against Lebanon.

Hezbollah and the Israeli regime have been engaged in trading of fire across the border between southern Lebanon and the northern occupied territories.

The fighting has been ongoing since early October when the Gaza war began. Hezbollah says the fighting with Israel on its northern front is aimed at supporting Palestinian resistance fighters battling Israeli forces on the regime’s southern front in Gaza.


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