Jan 29, 2024, 8:17 PM
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US forces to pay heavy price in Iraq with each passing day: Nujaba

Jan 29, 2024, 8:17 PM
News ID: 85369731
US forces to pay heavy price in Iraq with each passing day: Nujaba

Tehran, IRNA -- A major Iraqi resistance group has advised the occupying American forces to promptly leave the Arab country, warning that they will pay a heavy price with each passing day.

The Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba resistance movement said in a statement on Monday that American forces need to understand that the balance of deterrence lies in the hands of the resistance.

“The world should witness how the United States has turned our region into a playground, to the extent that their senile president is unaware of whether his unfortunate soldiers are in Syria or Jordan,” the group said.

Al-Nujaba asserted that the United States should know that it will not be able to divert the resistance from its goals and that American soldiers and mercenaries will ultimately have to leave Iraq.

“We do what we say, and the enemy has acknowledged this fact and their bases and positions bear testament to this matter and have sensed the (bitter) taste of our missiles,” it added.

“They should learn a lesson and leave the country today because, with each passing day, they will pay a heavy price,” the resistance group concluded.

The Iraqi resistance groups have ramped up their attacks against American interests both in Iraq and the broader region since the Israeli regime launched its genocidal war against Gaza in early October.

The attacks are part of a wider regional campaign by the resistance front to force the United States to end its support for the war on Gaza and withdraw its troops from the region.


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