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‘Assassination of Iranian military advisors sign of Zionist regime’s desperation’

Tehran, IRNA – The World Assembly of Islamic Awakening has condemned the “assassination” of five Iranian military advisors in an Israeli strike in Syria, describing the move as a sign of desperation of the Israeli regime in the face of resistance fighters in the region.

“The criminal Zionist regime once again showed its animosity toward the Iranian nation by brutally assassinating five military advisors of our country in Syria”, the Tehran-based assembly said in its statement on Saturday night, hours after the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps confirmed the martyrdom of five of its members in the Israeli strike in Damascus earlier in the day.

The act showed that the only way to confront “this child-killing regime” is to fight it until “this cancerous tumor” is totally destroyed, the statement added.

It further said that the Israeli regime is facing growing desperation following more than 100 days of bloodshed and killing of the Palestinian people in Gaza, which has brought northing for the regime.

Referring to the martyrdom of the Iranian military advisors, the assembly said that such measures are out of desperation and helplessness, but the regime should know that its acts will not go unpunished.  

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