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‘Israel forced to leave northern Gaza after failing to achieve its goals’

Tehran, IRNA – A senior member of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, has said that the Israeli regime was forced to withdraw from northern Gaza after it failed to achieve its goals during three months of war in the besieged territory.

“The occupying forces have been forced to leave the northern Gaza Strip due to the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and courage of resistance groups,” Senior Hamas Representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan said on Wednesday, two days after the Israeli regime announced that it would scale down its operations in northern Gaza.  

“The Zionist enemy has totally failed to achieve its goals in Gaza”, and its captives will not be released unless conditions set by the resistance front are met, Hamdan said, in reference to Israel’s stated goal of releasing its captives and annihilating Hamas when the regime unleashed its war on Gaza on October 7 in response to Al-Aqsa Storm Operation by the Palestinian resistance movement.

He said that the Israeli regime has blatantly violated international law and committed all crimes against the people of Gaza.

“Even children were not spared, and they also destroyed hospitals and schools using all kinds of banned weapons sent from the US”, Hamdan said, adding that the US is complicit in Israeli crimes against the people of Gaza, as Washington is providing assistance to the Tel Aviv regime.  

The Hamas official also said that Gazans are struggling to survive as they face catastrophic conditions.

“Anybody surviving bombardments will lose their lives because of hunger and disease.”

The Israeli regime has been conducting intense attacks on Gaza despite growing international outcry against its military campaign which has left the besieged territory in ruin and displaced the majority of the population there.

The Israeli genocide, backed by the US, has so far killed at least 23,357 people in Gaza, mostly women and children, according to the latest figures announced by the Health Ministry in Gaza on Wednesday. More than 59,400 have been injured as well.




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