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Zionist assassination drive won’t weaken resistance: Senior Hamas member

Tehran, IRNA – The Israeli assassination of Hamas’ Deputy Chief, Saleh al-Arouri will not weaken the resolve of the resistance, a senior member of the Palestinian movement said on Sunday.

Osama Hamdan, in a news conference on al-Arouri’s assassination emphasized that the Zionist regime’s action is a testimony it does not respect the security and sovereignty of any country.
“By assassinating al-Arouri, the enemy has shown that it does not find any of the international laws and treaties worth respecting”, Hamdan was quoted by Arab media as saying. 

The senior Hamas figure vowed to avenge the killing, saying the biggest revenge on Israel will be to expel it from occupied Palestine and liberate al-Quds, a reference to the historic Palestinian city that houses Islam’s third holiest site al-Aqsa Mosque. 

Saleh al-Arouri was assassinated in an Israeli drone strike on the Lebanese capital Beirut on January 2.  His murder sparked condemnations, with Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah warning that “the Israeli crime will never undoubtedly go unpunished”.

Israel's disgraceful failure

Elsewhere in his remarks during the news conference, Hamdan also touched on Israel’s relentless bombardment and shelling of Gaza.  He underlined that the occupying Zionist regime has destroyed 70% of civilian facilities and infrastructures with the aim of forcing Palestinians to leave their land. 

Hamdan said that four percent of Gazans have been killed, wounded or remained missing since Israel launched its genocidal war on October 7. “The enemy is setting fire to Palestinian houses with innocent residents inside, the latest example of which, is the massacre of Abu Alba's family in southern Gaza”, he added. 

Nevertheless, the Palestinian resistance still insists on preserving its territory and keeps firing rockets into the heart of the occupied territories. "The resistance has many options that forced the enemy to withdraw from the northern area of Gaza and is now only concentrated in western parts," the senior Hamas member noted.

He pointed out that the Zionist enemy has not been able and will never be able to displace the Palestinians from their ancestral land and that the regime has completely failed in achieving its goals in the Gaza Strip.


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