Jan 5, 2024, 11:29 PM
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Islamic resistance group Nujaba of Iraq retaliates for assassination of group's deputy

Tehran, IRNA - In the first military action in revenge for the martyrdom of this group's deputy at the hands of Centcom terrorists, the al-Nujaba movement targeted 4 US military bases in Iraq and Syria.

In the first field response to the assassination of the military vice-president of this movement, Islamic Nujaba Movement hit the bases where the American invaders are stationed in Iraq and Syria.

"Al-Rukban" garrison and the base adjacent to the "Al-Omar" oil facilities in Syria, "Al-Tanf" base in the border triangle of Iraq, Syria, Jordan and "Harir" base in the Kurdistan region of Iraq are the four American bases that were attacked by al-Nujaba.

Reuters, Sputnik, and Al-Arabiya have reported the deaths and injuries of a number of American soldiers in their reports on these attacks.


5 Persons

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