President terms Islamic denominations proximity a strategic move in Muslim World

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said on Tuesday that the idea of proximity of Islamic denominations highlighted by the late Imam Khomeini is a strategic move in the Muslim World.

In the opening speech of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference on Tuesday, President Raisi commemorated the late General Qassem Soleimani and the late Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri who made practical and scholarly efforts to remove deviations and establish unity in the Muslim World.

The idea of unity could be presented within the Islamic government by avoiding division and divisive statements, Raisi said, adding that it could also be presented among Muslim nations as the Islamic Ummah that share common disciplines and religious values.

The dominant system seeks to prevent dynamism in the Islamic Ummah, the President noted, adding that they saw only one power standing against them after World War II and that was Islam.

The dominant system, according to Raisi, raised such threats against the Islamic Ummah as facilitating formation of Takfiri groups, financing and arming them to plunder the Ummah, provoking division among the Ummah, and propping up weak governments that prefer their own interests over the interests of the Ummah.

Raisi underlined that the Western World has failed to fulfill its claims and the typical Muslim youth who once wished to be in a Western environment wants to be independent today.

Raisi highlighted the issues of Islamic Awakening, calling on the conference to keep the awakening alive and understand the conspiracies against the Islamic Ummah.

The President urged Muslim thinkers and scholars to monitor deviations and warn the Ummah.

He also urged that scientific, cultural, and media cooperation between Muslim communities should expand and that the idea of proximity of denominations should be at the center of attention and the issue of Palestine should be kept in focus.

The President stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran was seeking stability in Muslim countries, recognizing unity as the strategy of the Islamic Ummah, while the enemies’ strategy was to divide the Muslim World.


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