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Russian expert: Iran has great potential for attracting medical tourists worldwide

Tehran, IRNA - CEO and Founder of the Moscow-based Omnochannel medical tourism company MedicaTour said that during her visit to Iran she realized that Iran has potential to attract tourists for their medical treatment programs.

Tatiana Sokolov, CEO and Founder of the Omnochannel medical tourism company MedicaTour from Moscow, Russia explained about her recent visit to Iran.

The following is an interview with Sokolov: 

1) Tatiana, tell us a few words about yourself and your company.

I have been in medical tourism since 2006. The company organizes treatment for Russian patients, patients from the CIS countries, as well as foreign patients, treatment almost all over the world. We work with more than thirty countries in all areas of medicine.

Also, I am host and the author of radio broadcast "Medical tourism with Tatiana Sokolov." On Russian Radio 1.
On all web book platforms is available my two books: "Business for a lady, or My life in medical tourism." (which is recognized as the first Russian book about medical tourism) and “Reflections on isolation” (I compared health systems of different countries and how they faced COVID issues).

Sometimes I’m invited to different conferences as a speaker and expert.

2) Is this your first time in Iran? What are your impressions of the country?
Yes, this is my first time in Tran, although I have dreamed of visiting your country since childhood. I love "The Book of a Thousand and One Nights" very much. Your country is fabulously beautiful, but the most important wealth is people – benevolent and hospitable.

3) Did you know anything about Iranian medicine before this trip?

I knew that the origins of medicine were formed as early as 700 BC in cooperation with the ancient sciences of Babylon, Egypt and India. I also knew that Iranian doctors are renowned for their professionalism all over the world. And finally, the amazing rhinoplasty in Iran is the best in the world.

4) What areas in Iranian medicine may interest patients?

First of all, kidney and liver transplantation. The price of these operations is cheaper than in India and Turkey and, in addition, more loyal legislation for donors.

Next is retinal transplantation. This is a unique operation, which is not performed in any country.
Brain surgery - neurosurgery.

As I already mentioned - this is rhinoplasty.

But the most amazing thing is that in such a religious country like Iran IVF is allowed and, in addition, you can choose the gender of the unborn child. This is a unique procedure that is available only in Iran.

5) What needs to be done by Iran to develop medical tourism?

First of all, more information is needed for foreigners about the possibilities of treatment in Iran - these can be websites in other languages, articles in foreign magazines, etc.

Also, Iranian clinics need to take part in exhibitions and conferences of medical tourism around the world.

It is highly desirable that the development of medical tourism be supported at the state level, only then will success be ensured.

6) What prospects do you see in cooperation with Iran?

I see great potential in the development of medical tourism in Iran. There is everything for this - highly professional doctors, excellent clinics, perfect treatment methods and a lot of experience. But there is a lot of work to be done. Our company has already started in this direction and we will actively promote treatment in Iran.

At the end of the interview, I would like to sincerely thank the organizers of our trip to HTDC (Health Tourism Development Center of Islamic Countries for an efficiently organized trip and the warmth with which they received us.


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