Canada not qualified to present report on Ukrainian plane crash in Iran

Tehran, IRNA – Canada is not qualified to present reports or to voice opinion on the issue of the crash of a Ukrainian airliner, said Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Mohsen Baharvand on Friday.

A Ukrainian airliner was downed in January 2020 by a misfiring of Iran's defensive missile system amid the rising tensions in the Middle East region as a result of US assassination of Iran's top IRGC Commander Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani.

Baharvand said that if such illegal behaviors of Canada become common, all countries, even civilian aviation, will be hurt.

He went on to say that the part of the Canadian report which criticizes Iran’s report on the issue in the technical aspect is baseless and unacceptable.

He added that before publishing the report, Iran had sent the draft to the countries involved and they had provided their opinions on that within the legal time.

Everyone should know that experts from the UK, the US, and France have admitted that the report was professional and appreciated it and even the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has put Iran’s suggestions on their agenda to improve aviation, he said.

He also noted that Canada, as the advisor to Ukraine, had sent its opinions, most of which concerned strengthening the text and helped the technical research, which were used in the final report.

The full-text of the Canadian-Ukrainian reports was annexed to the Iranian report and published for the public opinion and experts to be aware of, he said.

Just imagine in every aviation incident, other countries ignore the regulations and protocols of inspecting the incident and try to politically pressure the country in which the incident has happened, he warned.

Instead of creating a media and political hype, according to Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation, if they had had any new information, they should have given it to the Iranian team, the diplomat added.

Iran gives constructive response to any country that follows the law and respects Iran; but if any country goes out of the laws and diplomatic norms and uses illegal language and threats against Iran, Tehran will stand against it, he added.


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