May 8, 2021, 11:26 AM
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The relentless decline of Israel

Ayatollah Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in his speech on the occasion of international Quds Day, referred to the growing Muslims on the axis of Quds as a nightmare of the Zionist enemy and its American and European supporters and the failed "Deal of the Century" plan and efforts to normalize relations between The weak Arabs with the Israel regime said: "I say firmly: these efforts will not succeed; The declining and declining movement of the Zionist enemy regime has begun and will not stop."

As the Leader of the Revolution rightly stated, this year the Muslims of the world, although faced with restrictions on holding the Quds Day celebrations due to the spread of the corona, witnessed the acceleration of the decline of the Zionist regime.

One of the reasons for the decline of the Zionist regime is the rise of the Palestinian people and their arming with deterrent weapons and the escalation of the Intifada, which continues on an ongoing basis. Today, the Axis of Resistance, as a united force and by standing up to the occupying regime, has disrupted its defense capabilities and raised hopes with the liberation of Palestine and the first qibla of the world's Muslims. The defensive situation of the usurper regime has deteriorated and the emptiness of the Iron Dome has disturbed the sleep of the leaders of this regime. Just when the Zionist regime claimed that no missiles hit the occupied territories, many missiles are dropped on the regime by the resistance forces, destroying large facilities and substantiating the claims of the Zionist military officers.

The rise of the Zionist regime's crimes and the continuing human rights abuses in the occupied territories have prompted international organizations to support the regime, including the UN Commission on Human Rights. Recently, Human Rights Watch also stated that the Zionist regime is like the apartheid regime, and given the regime's widespread discrimination against Muslims, the Supreme Criminal Court must intervene to try and punish Israeli interference. This situation shows that the courage to confront the Zionist regime has also arisen in Western institutions, and its introduction as an apartheid regime if it spreads, will convince all the governments of the world to condemn Israel and defend the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people.

Another reason for this decline is the Zionist regime's dependence on the United States, and due to the decline of the United States and its distance from the era of superpower, the Zionist regime is also facing extreme weakness. American governments, whether Republican or Democrats, have made the security of Israel their primary responsibility and in the national interest of the United States, and have always been a major supporter of Israel. In the last two years, Trump's extremist policies have pushed the United States away from favorable conditions to maintain superior power. Today, Washington is at odds with many of its allies, even in Europe, and Biden's policies are unlikely to improve. The United States has faced major economic hardships due to economic selfishness and withdrawal from international institutions, and the intensification of the anti-racist struggle that began after the assassination of George Floyd and turned into a serious crisis has challenged the American governing structure. This unsettled situation, along with the position of the occupying regime's Prime Minister Netanyahu in support of Trump, has cooled Washington's relations with Tel Aviv.

The internal situation of the Zionist regime is also very fragile and unstable today. In the last two years, four elections have been held by this regime, and Netanyahu has accepted defeat in these two years due to his inability to complete the cabinet, and today his rival is responsible for forming the government, and in general, the regime lacks a fake Israeli government. There is some evidence that the Zionists, in a forward-looking move, are seeking to buy land in the Patagonia area on the Chile-Argentina border so that they can relocate to the area if it collapses in the future.

Based on this evidences, not only Iranian experts but also many Western experts believe in the gradual decline of the occupying regime in Jerusalem and seek to find a solution to change this situation.

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the solution to end the occupation of Palestine is to hold a referendum in the occupied territories. The Iranian Leader officially announced this issue at a Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran about twenty years ago, and it was subsequently registered with the United Nations as the Iran Plan. The basis of this plan is that by holding a democratic referendum in the occupied territories, all Palestinians, Muslims, Jews and Christians, will participate in the referendum to determine the future system that should rule in this land.

In South Africa, after the struggles of the people of this country, the apartheid regime was finally forced to hold a referendum and the people voted for the new system in South Africa, and today in that country blacks and whites and different religions live together peacefully. 

The slogan "Today Iran, tomorrow Palestine" was one of the main slogans of the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini's valuable initiative in determining the International Day of Quds, which was welcomed by the Muslim people of the world, means that one of the goals of the Islamic Revolution. It will not be achieved until the liberation of Palestine and Holy Quds. The day must come when, following the referendum in occupied Palestine, all people will live together peacefully, and the world will witness the destruction of Zionism and apartheid in this land, which is almost dawn.


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