Agency, UN inaction made Zionist regime more insolent: Qaribabadi

Tehran, April 14, IRNA – Iran’s permanent envoy to the Vienna-based international organizations said on Wednesday that the inaction on the part of the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) towards the Zionist regime terrorist acts has made that regime more insolent than ever before.

Following the terrorist attack of the Zionist regime in Natanz Nuclear Complex, Kazem Qaribabadi wrote in a letter to the IAEA managing director where he said that the premeditated and intentional targeting of such a very sensitive nuclear facility with very high risk of spread of radioactive materials is considered criminal nuclear terrorism.

Those who commit such inhumane acts must not be left unpunished and anyone who is involved in this act directly or indirectly, as an accomplice, need to be held responsible for their crime, he added.

“Many of the Israeli and western media have explicitly confirmed the Israeli regime’s involvement in that terrorist act. It is now wonder that the prime minister of that regime one day after its occurrence refers to it,” he wrote.

The Iranian diplomat further reiterated in his letter: The history of the Middle East is full of such notorious acts of the Israeli regime, which have all been committed, quite unbelievably, before the closed eyes of the agency and the others.
This regime has mainly due to such negligence got used to committing such crimes. It is not devoted to its commitments under the related international agreements; and it is sure about the inaction of the concerned international organizations and the deafening silence of those governments who claim to be worried about the security and safety of the nuclear facilities.

Qaribababdi reiterated that the regime of Israel does not yield to any restriction about any of its inhumane activities, and is not committed to any international rules and regulations. These threats are broad breaching of the UN Charter’s articles 2 and 4 and are in need of appropriate answer of the international society.

The International organizations’ general policies show that such acts are considered obvious breaching of the International laws. The UN General Assembly in numerous resolution has dealt with the threat of attacking, or military attacking against nuclear facilities and clearly reiterates that such attacks are considered violation of the UN Charter,” wrote Iran’s ambassador and representative to the international organizations.

He wrote that the Israeli regime’s act against the peaceful nuclear facilities of Iran is not only considered a threat against restoration of peace and stability in the extremely sensitive Middle East region, but also a threat against the international peace and also cause for the outbreak of a serous nuclear hazard.

The coward recent act of the Zionist regime merely further strengthened our will for moving forth more resolutely and replace our damaged centrifuges with more advanced ones. Even the silliest criminals, too, will eventually realize that they should never threaten the Iranians, concluded Qaribababdi.


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