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American analyst: No simple way for US return to JCPOA at hand

New York, Jan 27, IRNA – A top analyst at Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft (QIRS) said here on Tuesday that the new US approach of consultations with its allies before making any strategic move means there is no simple way for America’s return to the nuclear deal.

Mark Perry made the comment in an exclusive interview with the IRNA reporter in New York.

He added that “The significant point for me about the Biden Administration is that in fact most of Biden administration members are in fact reformists, not conservatives, or centralists.”

He said that Biden might be the most reformist president we have had so far ever since Franklin Roosevelt’s tenure.

Perry who has written numerous articles for the American defense and foreign policy media added, “Biden will be playing the role of a leader, especially in foreign policy issues. Most of the people he has appointed are faithful to him and fulfil his orders in order to secure their own job promotions.

In response to the IRNA reporter’s question, “How can Biden safeguard the American nation’s unity inside, and America’s harmony with its allies at the international scene, while the world has experienced and learned living without the effective presence of the United States?” Perry said: “The Boden Administration is not the 3rd Obama administration.

“There is a great difference between these two, and this is particularly true about America’s status at the international scene,” he added.

“Obama intended to test the foreign affair experts’ viewpoints, and since he was not adequately experienced in that field, in many cases he permitted them to act independently. But this is not true in case of Biden who has broad experience in foreign policy,” said the American analyst.

The author of ‘Pentagon’s Wars’ and ‘The US Army’s Undeclared Wars Against Presidents’ focusing on Biden’s approach towards China and Russia, said that Biden’s policy is strategic patience – a reality that is also reflected in his selection of his administration members.

Perry said that this means trusting diplomacy a lot more than resorting to armed forces for achieving goals. “And this is the policy he will adopt in dealing with China,” he added.

Back to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or the nuclear deal issue, Perry said that he believes Biden will keep on efforts aimed at returning the US to JCPOA through holding new rounds of talks with Iran, and his approach will be a lot broader than the Trump administration’s focus on the nuclear deal.

The man in charge of QIRS website said that there is no simple way for the US return to JCPOA, which means a combination of other issues, too, are in need of thorough consideration.

***Consultations with US allies

IRNA asked to comment on whether Biden and his team believe the former US president’s exit from JCPOA and his administration’s anti-Iranian sanctions were fully wrong, why then do they not terminate the sanctions and return the United Sates to JCPOA, to return to the point where we were in 2017.

“Time will heal all the wounds,” said Perry, adding, “Unlike Tramp’s men, the Biden Administration believes in the value of processes, which means they wish to test the options and ask about the conditions for their successful implementations.”

He further elaborated that even in case of their return to JCPOA, and in other words turning the clock back to 2017, they have to do it with due contemplation.

“The new administration is committed to rebuild the international trust to Washington at the international scene, and therefore, the US allies’ viewpoints on how to make up for Trump’s mistakes, too, is of great importance and will be fully surveyed,” he added.


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