Iran’s higher level enrichment response to west’s violation of commitments

Moscow, Jan 5, IRNA – Andrei Sidorov, acting dean of Moscow State University’s Faculty of Public Administration; School of World Politics; Faculty of Global Studies (MGO) told IRNA here on Tuesday that Iran’s decision to increase its uranium enrichment degree to 20% is an appropriate response to numerous violations of the western countries.

 “This move was quit predictable and there was nothing extraordinary about it,” said Professor Sidorov in an exclusive interview with IRNA in Moscow.
He said that Iran’s patience and self-constraint lasted two whole years under such conditions that the western sides of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) had none acted in accordance with their commitments in the JCPOA and as we know patience and self-constraint both have limits and Iran’s response to the western promise breaking today, is therefore quite justifiable.
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Monday that Iran’s 20% enrichment is in accordance with the Iranian Parliament’s ratification.
Zarif wrote in his Twitter page that Iran has also informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about its decision to resume its 20% uranium enrichment as a remuneration measure fully in accordance with Article 36 of the JCPOA after years of numerous promise-braking acts of the other JCPOA sides.
The Iranian top diplomat has emphasized that Iran’s adopted measures are all revocable in case all other sides of the JCPOA will start acting fully in accordance with their JCPOA commitments.
The Russian academician added in his interview with IRNA that the US exit from the JCPOA inflicted the heaviest blow against that international agreement and Washington must therefore not expect Tehran to remain indifferent towards that illegal act that is also contrary to the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.
He added that such expectations by the American officials, and especially by the outgoing President Donald Trump indicated that the American politicians are still assuming that they are the domineering Imperialist power that is capable of exerting its hegemony all over the world.
“Yet, the international balance of power has long been changed and no one should yield any longer to the US unilateralist moves, and Iran is no exception to that rule,” stressed Professor Sidorov.
•    The European sides, too, broke their JCPOA promises
The acting dean of Moscow State University reiterated that all the European sides of the JCPA, namely Britain, France and Germany, too refrained from acting in accordance with their JCPOA commitments, which were all respected by Iran ever since it was signed for two whole years, as it was numerous times confirmed by the IAEA.
He said that even the INSTEX that was designed to facilitate the EU trade with Iran was effective only for one deal, while the Europeans had within the JCPOA text promised to assist Iran in lots foreign trade fields.
The Russian academic official said that such deceitful acts are not acceptable for Iran and the western sides of the JCPOA should have kept in mind this very important point from the very beginning and they should have acted in accordance to their wowed promises.
“I am sure that even now if they will start acting in accordance with their JCPOA commitments the situation will move towards improvement and Iran, too, will start returning to its entire commitments,” he expressed certainty.
Iranian Presidential Office Spokesman Ali Rabi’ie had on Monday announced that President Hassan Rouhani has ordered provision of the required budget for implementing the Parliament’s strategic ratification aimed at annulment of sanctions, adding that the gas feeding of the centrifuges for 20% uranium enrichment has took pace and the first product of UF6 enriched uranium, too, has been produced.


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