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Araghchi says 20% uranium enrichment does not mean JCPOA death

Tehran, Jan 5, IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbas Araghchi said on Tuesday that Iran began uranium enrichment at 20% upon the parliament's decision, adding that Iran's reduction of commitments is based on JCPOA and it does not mean death of the deal.

Speaking in an interview with TV, Araghchi said 20% enrichment has been one of the most important issues of Iran nuclear program. It is used for fueling Tehran reactor which had earlier been imported from abroad.

About 11 years ago, Tehran reactor fuel was finished and they did not fulfill our demand for supplying the fuel so Iranian scientists made 20% enrichment, he added.

Tehran reactor is used for research purposes and makes radio medicines, he said, adding that over one million cancer patients need these drugs.

Iran stopped 20% enrichment in the context of the JCPOA and had no urgent need at that time, he noted.

After US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, Iran reduced its commitments in five steps. In the second step, Iran announced that it is not satisfied with 3.67% enrichment and need a higher level.  

Iranian parliament in a legislation obliged government to do 20% enrichment, Araghchi said stressing that the enrichment procedure is based on NPT Agreements.

Iran stopped its commitments partly and step by step and the 20% enrichment is based on JCPOA.

Iran's partners in JCPOA have announced that lifting sanctions is an inevitable part of the deal and European parties should appreciate Iran and are better amend their diversions from JCPOA.

Putting pressure on Iran is not the way to preserve the JCPOA, Western parties should return to their commitments, he reiterated.

Iran has 4,000 kg under 5 % enriched materials, he said adding that Iran has altered some limitations envisaged by the JCPOA.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Araghchi reacted to Zionist regime accusations against Iran of having weapons program, saying these allegations are baseless and the Israeli regime itself has suspicious activities.

Iran has proved its commitment not to produce nuclear weapon and implemented its commitments with goodwill, he said.

No one in the world can accuse Iran of ill will in the context of the JCPOA, he stated.   

Iran did not leave the negotiation table, but it was the US which left the table so they have to return to the deal and to lift sanctions.

Western states are deluded and think that Iran is ready to return to JCPOA under US pressures and they can set conditions for Iran, Araghchi said.

Iran has not opened its arms for returning to JCPOA, he said advising the US to stop illusions.

Iran will not accept any condition for returning to JCPOA and will add no article to the deal, he said stressing that no other issue especially missile program will be negotiated.

Iranian armed forces are ready to thwart any US aggression.

Emphasizing Iran's power in the Persian Gulf, he said no power will even dream of attacking Iran.

The accident happened the US diplomatic mission in Baghdad was suspicious aiming to create sedition in the region, Araghchi said.

The Zionist regime is playing with fire in the region and is not able to bring it the US to the Persian Gulf.

Israel is more vulnerable than any other countries in the region, he noted.

Iran has exchanged no message with US President-elect Joe Biden team, Iranian deputy foreign minister said.

Iran has sent its messages to US regarding recent movements, he added.


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