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Gov’t decided to pay equal blood money for Ukrainian plane victims

Tehran, Jan 4, IRNA – The Government has decided to pay equal blood money for victims of Ukrainian plane, Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Monday.

Addressing the press conference on Monday, Khatibzade once again offered condolences over the sad accident happened for the Ukrainian plane, saying the lawsuit concerning those accused of the disaster is still under investigation.   

*** What happened during Zarif talks with Qatari, Kuwaiti counterparts?

Mohammad Javad Zarif has recently discussed mutual and regional issues with foreign ministers of Qatar and Kuwait. He held US responsible for any adventurism.

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi also visited Doha on Wednesday.

Zarif held a phone call with his Armenian counterpart.

*** Iran expressed dismay over neighbors’ vote in the UN

In response to IRNA question with regard to vote of Iran and Afghanistan’s absence in the UN session on Thursday, he said that the US failed for the third time for its anti-Iran attempts with the UN. For the third time, the White House officials were driven to isolation.

Iran deplored votes by some neighboring states to the US anti-Iran attempt with United Nations, but, the Iraqi prime minister said he will pursue the issue. All neighbors are aware of the fact that US adventurism has harmed regional states.

***US sinister acts are not hidden for Iran

Khatibzadeh said that Iran monitors the US secret movements in Iraq and the region. Necessary messages have been sent and regional countries were also warned of in this regard.

As Foreign Minister Zarif said the role of Israeli regime allies is evident in stirring up tensions especially in Iraq, he said.

Iran does not want tensions but will defend itself with no doubt and will give response to any aggression.

Commenting on remarks of advisor to Iraqi prime minister on General Soleimani, Khatibzadeh said that former Iraqi prime minister had earlier said that General Soleimani was in Iraq at the invitation of Iraqi Government and to answer a question on Saudi Arabia.

***Iraq should pursue General Soleimani assassination case

Another country has openly committed the crime of assassination, he said, adding that Iraqi Government should pursue international justice over the case .

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khatibzadeh reacted to US President-elect Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan remarks who said ballistic missile program “has to be on the table” if the U.S. re-enters the Iran nuclear deal, saying Iran has never negotiated on its missile programs. Iran’s defense power will be addressed based on its needs. It had once been stipulated by the JCPOA and UNSCR 2231.

Missile program is a secondary issue and accordingly arms embargo was removed.

*** US uses its bases to deal blow

Iran’s policy is based on good-neighborly ties, Iran has always thwarted the US adventurism, warmongering and occupation to secure its sustainable security.

Iran has never let its ties with the US affect the region but the United States uses its bases in the region for dealing blow to Iran.

The US military forces have occupied Iraqi soil and have conducted military operation against Iran and assassinate Iranian commander.

Iran respects Iraqi parliament’s approval. Iran and Iraq njoy amity with deep relations. No one will be able to disturb relations between Iran and Iraq.

Meanwhile, he regretted human tragedy in Yemen, saying blockade on Yemen and creating famine for people caused humanitarian disaster.  

*** It is possible to revive ties with Saudi Arabia

If Saudi Arabia decides to talk with Iran and the region and stop buying security, better days will happen.

Saudi Arabia is an important country in the region. If Saudi rulers come back from their wrong path, it would be possible to revive good relations of the past.

***Iran-China cooperation reached strategic level

Elaborating on US return to JCPOA and its impact on Iran-China ties, he said JCPOA is the framework of relations in nuclear field. Russia and China are Iranian best partners.

The US and EU states deprived themselves of cooperation with Iran, he said.

Elaborating on US aircraft carrier staying in the Persian Gulf, he said Iran is ready for every scenarios.


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