Jun 2, 2020, 7:11 PM
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Iran: US regime after intimidating & silencing reporters

Tehran, June 2, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry in a message pointed to the US police attacking journalists, saying the US regime is after intimidating and silencing reporters.

In recent days, American people poured into streets to protest against the death of George Floyd - a black man who was unarmed and was killed by the US police putting pressure on his throat until he choked.

“Despite cruel murder of another black man & days of brutal suppression of protests in the US, Western govs keep silence, & forget their Human Rights fever," the Iranian Foreign Ministry wrote on its Twitter account.

“Imagine their reaction if it was in a non-Western country. (No, this is not "whataboutism", but just a mere fact-recounting),” it added.

“US police has reportedly attacked journalists 100+ times.”

“The US regime attempts to intimidate & silence reporters who cover #GeorgeFloydProtests.”

“Hidden in a bunker, US president wants media away while he tries to 'dominate' the protesters.”

“But make no mistake: World is watching,” Iranian Foreign Ministry reiterated.

Meanwhile earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his Twitter account: “The “knee-on-neck” technique is nothing new: Same cabal—who've admitted to habitually “lie, cheat, steal"—have been employing it on 80M Iranians for 2 yrs, calling it “maximum pressure.”

“It hasn't brought us to our knees. Nor will it abase African-Americans,” it added.


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