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Deal of Century; Deal of failure

Tehran, Jan 31, IRNA - The passage of time will show that nations cannot be deprived of their national pride and the right to self-determination via money and coercion, and the "Deal of the Century" plan will be recorded in the memory of history as the US president's attempt to colonize a nation in a new way.

US efforts and intervention to resolve the Middle East crisis and end conflicts between Palestinians  and the Zionist regime has a long history.

Since the first Bush (former US President George W. Bush), there have been unsuccessful attempts to heal the prolonged crisis of the Middle East that the United States and Britain have created in the form of the Balfour Declaration.

Although the Oslo Accords mediated by Bill Clinton created the illusion that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would soon end, the Zionist regime's insistence on its positions and the reality that issue of Palestinian refugees, Israeli settlements, security issues and border demarcation were not settled, it was revealed that the crisis created by the old colonialists could not be easily resolved.

But Tuesday (Iran time), however, US President Donald Trump turned over a new page in the history of mediation between Palestine and Israel that history will never forget. The US businessman president who has no experience in diplomacy, in a blatantly biased, offensive, and humiliating move, revived the memory of sixteenth-century colonial relations in which powerful, wealthy, and advanced nations make their decisions for less-developed nations as their definite rights and as guardians, they tasked themselves with determining the fate of those nations.

The atmosphere of the unveiling ceremony of the Deal of the Century that both smiling and contented Trump and Netanyahu were screened in a frame was so ridiculous with the widespread presence of Zionist Jews and the absence of Palestinian officials and their supporters that perhaps the history of modern governments has so far witnessed of such a narcissism. The unilateralism, bullying, and ignorance of the weak side of the conflict were so overwhelming and startling that there is no necessity to scrutinize the details of the project with its inhumane business nature and the geographical and unfair map it provided for a future Palestinian state.

But apart from the one-sided, colonial and guardian nature of the deal, the plan is also unique in the history of Palestinian-Israeli conflict and US mediation in this regard, and in contrast to previous plans to encourage some Palestinian groups at the time of unveiling to contemplate, and made other Palestinian groups complaining, and eventually causing division among Palestinian groups, the Deal of the Century was met with widespread opposition from all Palestinian groups at the outset and Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority in a speech that immediately after the end of Trump's and Netanyahu's speeches, emphasized that " Al-Quds is not for sale and the Donald Trump's Deal of the Century is a conspiracy that will not be implemented."

So while Netanyahu's happy face shows that he is very pleased with Trump's all-out support and the peace plan presented by Trump, he should know that deals that are so one-sided and unfair will not only bring peace to the Jews living in the occupied territories, but also increase the unity of Palestinian groups, tighten the siege and pressure on the usurper regime, and may end with the start of new intifada and a new round of violence between the two sides if he has little political intelligence and wisdom.

Another highlight at the unveiling ceremony of the Deal of the Century was the presence of ambassadors from the three Arab countries of Oman, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates in this ridiculous auction of Palestinian land, and prestige, which, while trying to prove themselves as supporter of Palestinian cause, have in fact accompanied the enemies of the Palestinian cause. Of course, in recent years the approach and policies of many other Arab countries have also shown that they, like the three countries above, are keen on getting along with the US and the Zionist regime, but for the sake of their public opinion, they are pursuing their policies behind the scene.

In his speech, Donald Trump gave Mahmoud Abbas the four-year-long opportunity to decide on joining and accompanying the plan on the formation of a so-called independent Palestinian state; an approach which showed, in spite of his impeachment trial, he is confident of victory in the next round of the US presidential election and has planned for it in advance.

In such a situation, even if the world had to endure a deluded US president for 4 next year, the passage of time would show that national pride and the right to self-determination of nations cannot be stripped via money and coercion, and the "Deal of the Century" plan is recorded in the memory of history by the US president's attempt to colonize a nation in a new way.

Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri** University Professor

Translated by Hamed Shahbazi

Edited by Hamid Shamlou


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