Supreme Leader: Iran strongly responded to evil European plots regarding JCPOA

Tehran, Jan 17, IRNA – The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei blasted the plots by three European countries namely the evil UK government as well as France and Germany in regards with Iran's nuclear as attempts to overshadow the recent events.

The Leader made the remarks during his first sermon delivered to the Friday Prayers attended by a huge number of people in Imam Khomeini Mosalla (prayers ground) in the capital.

They threatened that they will take Iran's nuclear issue to the United Nations Security Council again but fortunately, the Iranian officials gave them a resolute response, he said.

These are the three countries that helped Saddam Hussein with everything in their power during the imposed war against Iran, he said, noting that the German government provided it with chemical weapons to attack the Iranian cities and fronts the outcomes of which are still evident on the Iranian combatants.

"The French government provided him (Saddam Hussein) with Super Etendard war helicopters to target Iranian oil tankers and the British government was in the service of Saddam Hussein and our enemies," the Leader said.

"Following the US exit from the JCPOA, the three governments started to speak nonsense but I said from the beginning that they are not trustworthy, as they will do nothing and will be at the US service," he said, noting that today after a lapse of one year it was clear that they are the US errand boys.

The three contemptuous European governments expect to bring the  Iranian nation to its knees but they are too small to bring the Iranian nation to its knees, he said.

Their negotiations are also intertwined with deception, as the same persons sitting on the negotiating table are the same terrorists operating in Baghdad Airport; they are the same but their clothes are changed, the Leader said. 

On the assassination of the IRGC commander Gen. Soleimani, Ayatollah Khamenei went on to stress that "the very incident of this martyrdom itself was one of the cases where the will of the Almighty is revealed because the infamous US government caused a scandal for itself; they killed a person who was the strongest and most powerful commander leading the combat against terrorism. Martyr Soleimani was in the true sense of the word the most mighty anti-terrorism commander in the region who became well known for that. "

Elsewhere in his sermons, he said Martyr Soleimani was in the habit of entering a region which was completely under siege so the young people found hope when they saw the commander and then they embarked to break the siege and force the enemy ran away.

The US did not dare to confront him (Gen. Soleimani) on the battlefield but assassinated him in a cowardly manner and then admitted doing so. This served as an act of infamy for the US. Before this incident, (doing such things) was the special domain of the Zionist regime, they assassinated Hamas leader and Jihad leaders and said that they have done them. Americans killed huge numbers of people in Iraq and Afghanistan, assassinated as many as people they could but never admitted to them. But his time they confessed to doing this assassination, the Supreme Leader noted.

The Leader also noted that they announced that they will increase sanctions but they will not be able to restore the lost image of the US with these actions.

Noting that Martyr Soleimani should be viewed as a school of thought and a path, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the (IRGC) Qods Force is not an organization with administrative missions but an institution with great humanistic motivations.

The Leader also expressed condolences over the Ukrainian plane crash, saying that there are ambiguities surrounding the event.

He stressed that the issue of the air crash should be pursued and measures should be adopted to prevent the recurrence of the incident.

Describing public participation as the main source of power for the Iranian nation, Ayatollah Khamenei said that another instance of people's presence in various areas is in elections.

Public presence in elections will guarantee the country and disappoint the enemy, he warned against certain efforts underway to prevent people's enthusiastic participation in elections.

The enemies thought that they have gained a chance to question the IRGC and other armed forces, but they were mistaken and they failed to undermine them, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution underscored.

Reiterating that power is not limited to military power alone, He said that the country's economy should also be stronger and dependence on oil should end and efforts should be made to develop an economy weaned off oil revenues.

All these will materialize with public presence and the people and officials should try to make the country stronger through resistance and concerted efforts and avoiding laziness and if these happen, the Iranian people will be such that the enemies will even dare not threaten it.


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