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Iran: Regional countries shouldn’t sacrifice neighbors for US

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif told reporters on Tuesday that Iran doesn't expect neighbors to fight the US, but believes they shouldn’t sacrifice their neighbors for the US.

He made the remarks while talking to reporters on the sidelines of the ongoing "Tehran Dialogue Forum" which is held with the participation of Omani Foreign Minister Yousef bin Alavi and the former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai.

Commenting on the regional issues, Zarif said the region has two perception problems: one inside and one outside. Everyone saw that, with assassinating Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani, US President Donald Trump proved that he has "wrong" advisers.

It is clear that those who have advised Trump to take this action know neither their own interests nor the region.  

You saw US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo showed seven, eight people dancing at General Soleimani's death, which shows his wrong perception of the region.

He added that inside the region, some think that security is buyable, but it is weaponry that is buyable, not peace. They are pleased to milk the region.

No one knows better than the US how they have put the region and its allies at stake. Did they consult with their allies before taking the terrorist measure, before they endangered the allies? If Iran's friends do not think about this question, they will see that they will be deep in hot water in the future?

Zarif added that the US prescience has not solved the issue of Palestine; only billions of dollars have gone from the region to the pockets of the West. The American oil will replace the oil of the region in the markets.

The solution is for the regional countries to accept some common principles, some of the easy ones are respecting national sovereignty and territorial integrity according to the UN Charter, and later the non-aggression treaty. It doesn’t need much thought.

If the regional countries are ready, it can be done in several areas provided that they want peace and security, not the US support, he said, adding that the issues are now Persian Gulf's water is changing due to the desalination plants, and also, there are some nuclear power plants being made around the Persian Gulf, which makes nuclear safety a priority.

Tourism, economic cooperation, regional disarmament, and visiting each other's military centers, and even cooperation in nuclear projects and joint enrichment can be among the areas of cooperation. The regional countries will see that the US will leave them alone in tough times, he said.

Regarding the US presence in the region, he said that the breaths of the US in the region are being numbered. The blood of General Soleimani will expel the US from the region, so no one should bet on the losing horse.

"Iran's arms are open to the region with no greed. Iran's only greed is to have security and stability in the region," he said.

Everyone saw the flood of people in Iran, Iraq, India, Russia, Algeria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Pakistan on the occasion of US assassinating General Soleimani, he said, adding that the US president thought that his oath-taking ceremony has had the most of participants.

Zarif said that the only way to provide security is to work together. If we wait for the US, we have to stand war in the region for a few more generations.

Regarding the US' not issuing visa for him to participate in the UNSC meeting, he said he was not interested to travel to New York in the current situation but it could have been a good chance to discuss the US crimes.  

The Iranian foreign minister then said that of course, the government that uses state terrorism, economic terrorism, and threatens to commit war crimes and a crime against humanity does not care about the Headquarters Agreement with the UN.

He raised the question: What is the rebellious government of the US afraid of? Does the presence of the foreign minister of a founding state of the UN to support the UN Charter and multilateralism pose a danger that the US government doesn’t issue visas?

Zarif said this fact shows the bankruptcy of the US administration and Trump's team due to wrong analyses.

Pompeo like a clown posted a video and thought that the people of Iran and Iraq are their mercenaries, but he was clearly wrong, he said.


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