Gov't spox warns US over undeclared war jeopardizing livelihood of all Iranians

Tehran, Dec 16, IRNA - Government spokesman Ali Rabiei on Monday warned the US over undeclared war putting at risk livelihood of all Iranians by the unlawful sanctions.

Iran has sought reparations from the US by proceedings with the International Court of Justice. The US ignored the ICJ provisional measures requiring the United States not to inflict further damage on Iranian economy by the unlawful sanctions.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Rabiei said that the American people will certainly come to the point that by admitting to their public opinion that Iran is not looking for war and such pressure has certainly posed threat to the world peace and security, and this is similar to imposition of war on the homeless.

*** US seeks to disrupt the psychological security of Iran's society

"We expected the United States to monitor and pressure on companies that feel they can help import and export of Iranian goods," Rabiei said of the US target of US pressure and sanctions on Iranian shipping companies. It even makes a currency exchange corner of the world do something about it, put it under pressure.

He added that this is not a new phenomenon that I would like to talk about, The  United States Department of the Treasury has made it clear in the past few days that they have replaced sanctions with war. They are killing in the war and targeting people's lives and seeking the land, so when confessing it means that all these actions are aimed at breaking, shrinking, purging and provoking the psyche of Iranian society.

Aviation and shipping boycotts and sanctions are part of a series of concurrent programs that, with economic pressure on Iran, seek to disrupt the mental security and mentality of people inside the country and stirring up tension, he said.

*** Response to Pompeo's claim

Asked about the United States secretary of state's claim that Iran was behind the Iraqi invasion through Shia proxy forces and that the United States responds decisively to Iran's actions, he said, the US has provided no evidence for its false claim. Not even a witness. If the US intelligence agencies had anything, they would definitely document their speech right from the beginning.

The unwarranted situation in Iraq where people are on the streets and ISIS is coming to power and the ambiguous conditions are caused by the Americans themselves, Rabiei said.


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