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Beautiful awesome Persian leopard

Zahedan, Nov 25, IRNA – Persian leopard is a symbol of beauty, power, and poise with a large agile body that makes it capable of deadly attacks.

Being the largest cat in the world, the leopard mostly lives in the mountains northeastern and southeastern Iran in the distant mountains far from the reach of the humans.

Having the biggest habitat in the world, the leopard is one of the 37 cats in the world that lives all over the world except for Australia, and the north and south poles.

Persian leopard is the biggest one in the world. It is 110-180 cm long, with t a tail of 60-100 cm, and a height of 45-70 cm.

The male cat can be 30-50% heavier than the female ones. The biggest male ones can be three times the weight of the smallest female ones.

The furry body of the animal is muscular and flexible, with a big head and short legs. It covered with flower-like spots. No two leopards have the same pattern on their skin.

Each male has a few females in his territory. They are usually active at night. They mark their territories by putting marks of their claws on the trees, and with their feces and urine.

They feed on a wild goat, wild sheep, wild boar, deer, gazelles, small mammals, birds, and even insects. They sometimes have perforce to attack domestic animals and even cattle dogs.

Leopards usually mate in mid-winter and give birth after 96 days. They usually are able to raise only two cobs of the litter of four.

Usually, the babies leave their den after 12 to 18 months. They live for 10-15 years.


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