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Migratory dolphins in Hengam Island, Persian Gulf

IRNA – Migratory dolphins come to the warm waters of Hengam Island, the Persian Gulf, in mid-fall and stay there until mid-spring.

If you are planning to flee from the smoky air and the noisy streets of the cities to a naturally silent place, Hengam Island and its dolphins will provide that for you. Hengam enjoys unique natural attractions frequently visited both by the Iranian and foreign tourists.

You can take a boat from Qeshm Island to Hengam Island. It is a 45-minute sail. The sail itself is amusing enough: Seagulls and fish usually surround and approach the boats.

The first thing that fascinates you upon arrival is the beautiful beach, which provides a different picture of the sea. The silver beach of the island is unrivaled in Iran. There is an especial shining mineral that makes the sand glow.

At nights, you see a whole different face of the island. At some particular times of the year, the water turns shining blue – a beauty provided by the phytoplankton.

In the fall, another cherished guest arrives in the Persian Gulf: the dolphins. They stay there for about six months.

You can see the schools of dolphins swim around in complete harmony. Whenever it was cool and the sea was calm, dolphins show up.           

Near Ghil village there are two rocks that look like two faces. In the local folklore, it is said that these are a mother and a daughter that were escaping from a group. They prayed to God to save them; God turned them to stone and so He saved them.

The wildlife of the Hengam Island is intriguing as well. There is place on the island that is named "the natural aquarium of the Persian Gulf." Colorful fish are there to see. Colonies of coral can be seen through the transparent waters. If you have crumbs of bread with you and throw them on water, you can see the fish better.

The island is also home to hawksbill sea turtles and chinkaras, a kind of gazelle that is native from India to Iran, and Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard.  

One can also pay a visit to the English port facilities that are the remnant of the dark colonization period.

The bazaar of the island is one of the few ones left that has no signs of modernity. It is uncrowded and relaxing. Everything is traditional: artifacts, oils, spices, and many other things.

There are some women in the bazaar who are baking a kind of flat bread with a red sauce. Don’t miss tasting that.

There are three settlements in the island. One village, Old Hengam, is totally abandoned. Ghil has a few residents left. But New Hengam is the center of the islanders. It has 750 people.

Most of the visitors don’t stay the night. But those who want to stay there can find accommodation in the village or camp out at the glowing beaches.

However, for food, you can buy things from the shops or go to the native people. They will provide you with shrimp and crab samosa, rice, and fish.


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