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Lift of economic sanctions makes Iran an economic power: Pak PM

Islamabad, Nov 14, IRNA -- Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Thursday expressed hope for direct talks between Tehran and Washington and said that if the sanctions are lifted, the Islamic Republic of Iran would have the potential to become a real economic power in the region.

Speaking at the closing session of a two-day seminar "Peace and Development in South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia" organized by Islamabad Political Research Institute, Imran Khan added "Pakistan is doing its best to make sure that there is no conflict in our neighborhood."

“Iran is our neighbor and helped us on many occasions,” he said.

He noted that President Trump had asked him to talk with Iranian leaders trying to promote dialogue between Iranians and Americans and I hope it works out.   

He stressed that Pakistan could benefit from Iran's economic potential if sanctions are lifted and relations between Tehran and Washington are improved.

Imran Khan also pointed to his recent mediation initiative to help improve Iran-Saudi relations, adding that Saudi Arabia is our friend, and besides the friendly country, the Islamic Republic of Iran is Pakistan's neighbor, which has always been with us in difficult times.

Pakistan continues its efforts to improve relations between the two friendly nations to ensure that no conflict in the region and its neighborhood, says Imran Khan.

The key recommendations of the two-day Peace and Development Conference participants were drawn up at the end of the meeting and read in the presence of the Pakistani Prime Minister, one of which was to urge the Pakistan government to continue playing a role in helping to resume negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

They called on the Pakistani government, in particular Imran Khan, to warn the United States and other Western nations that any hostility and de-escalation in the Persian Gulf would not only harm the countries of the region but also the international community would not suffer from its severe consequences.

Participants in the international seminar said that escalation in the region would cause the greatest damage to countries in South Asia, the Middle East and Central Asia.

Javad Kachoueian, a senior fellow at the Center for Political and International Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a former Iranian ambassador to Ireland and Finland, was the keynote speaker at today's meeting on Iran's prospects for regional trade and transport initiatives.

In a speech yesterday, while describing the Islamic Republic's positions on Iran's nuclear deal, he referred to the Supreme Leader's fatwa against proliferation of nuclear weapons.


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