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Imam Ali's message summarized in justice, peace:Indian scholar

Tehran, Nov 5, IRNA – Indian Scholar and researcher believes that justice, peace and human rights were among top messages of Imam Ali (AS) to the people of the world.

Prof. Shah Mohammad Waseem on the sideline of Third International Congress of Research On Imama Ali (AS) in an interview with IRNA said justice and unity were among the things he always paid great attention to and these are great lessons for us. Unity of the Islamic Ummah was of paramount importance to Imam Ali (AS). Administration of justice in the Islamic society was also important to the Commander of the Faithful.

According to Imam Ali's statements, "Every human you encounter is your brother either in your faith or in creation." In any case, he is a fellow human. All humans should be united and loving towards one another; it is not about a specific group or community being united. Thus, Muslims are ordered to do good to even those who are different from you in faith and beliefs. “God does not forbid you from dealing with kindness and justice with those [polytheists] who did not make war against you on account of religion and did not expel you from your homes. Indeed God loves the just.

Associate Professor of Integral University in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh believes that today, the world of Islam needs to turn into wisdom and reason and to get used to thinking, to gain a correct understanding of issues and interpreting them in the right way. Today, the world of Islam needs to gain a true understanding of the camp of the enemies of the Islamic Ummah. We should know our enemies and friends.

Prof. Shah Mohammad Waseem also said Imam Ali's thoughts and manners and his government and polities were all dedicated to the achievement of this purpose. Whenever any oppressor encroached upon the rights of the people or treated the weak in a humiliating manner or ignored their welfare and threw his own burden on their weak shoulders, Imam Ali gave him a tough defense.

Ali was grappling with the moral scourge that war represents. He believed that war and the preparation for war, were incompatible with the health and well-being of the human race. The conquest of war, therefore, was his grand preoccupation , for Imam Ali, all was not fair in war. He rigidly applied and enforced the commandments of Qur’an to politics and war. "If he could win a victory through questionable means, he preferred to forgo victory but he did not take recourse to deceit." His own principles and his own humanity were, to him, far more important than victory in war, believes Prof. Shah Mohammad Waseem.


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