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Russian professor says solving regional issues impossible in absence of Iran

Tehran, Oct 22, IRNA - Faculty member of the People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) Vladimir Yurtaev said in his lecture to international Conference on "Unilateralism and International Law" in Tehran that solving many problems in the region will be impossible in absence of Iran.

Vladimir Yurtaev made the remarks speaking in the international conference on "Unilateralism and International Law ".

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a new world order has come into the international system, and the US became an unmatched superpower, he said.

A year later Fukuyama put forward the theory of the end of history and the need for the world to submit to liberal democracy, he added.

However, in the following decades, regional powers like Iran emerged, he noted.

Yurtaev believes that Iran is not only a powerful country in the region, but, a civilization with thousands of years background.

In this situation we see that the US imposes sanctions on Iran, Syria and North Korea, he reiterated.

This is while, the international regulations call for sovereignty equality of all nations meaning that no power has the right to violate their rights.

Yurtaev said that solving international issues like climate crisis, waves of migration and terrorism need extensive international cooperation.

No power is able to claim that it can solve these issues by itself, he noted.  

US policies are in line with destroying independence of other countries and creating hegemony, he said, adding that such policies are in contradiction with international efforts for resolving disputes peacefully and by focusing on defending nations' rights and preserving their national sovereignty.  

Over the last few decades, we observed change in international norms in favor of one power, this is while the international regulations are aimed at removing discrimination and improving relations among countries.

The Russian scholar said that Iran is a clear example of advocacy for settlement of the international crisis by negotiations and multilateral cooperation in the international community.

The international conference on "Unilateralism and International Law " was held in presence of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and representatives of Italy, India, Russia, Finland, Poland, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia and Afghanistan in Tehran.

Earlier addressing the event, Zarif warned that US efforts to create "zero-sum" game will result in a game with a negative sum.

"The US has set fire to our region. If there is war, there isn't a winner or loser. There are two losers, one with a heavier loss and the other with less heavy one", he added.

The Iranian foreign minister slammed the US for leaving International treaties, saying "there is no more such treaties from which the US can withdraw".

"The US pulled out of the JCPOA, the NAFTA, the Paris climate deal, the missile deal with Russia, and many others. I hope they also leave the United Nations Security Council so we will get relieved," he joked.

Zarif also urged the world to avoid using the word "sanction", arguing that it means "using measures to force one country to enforce law".

"However, the US doesn't want to enforce law and order in the world. What the US is doing is using coercive economic measures," he added.

"Multilateralism was created because no country in the world can solve its problems on its own," according to the Iranian minister.


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