Aug 29, 2019, 1:25 AM
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“Team B” in weakest position

Tehran, Aug 29, IRNA - The global developments in favor of Iran has pushed members of the “Team B” as the Zionist regime is creating tension in the region and John Bolton is threatening Iran.

Diplomatic visits by FM Mohammad Javad Zarif and new talks between Europe and Iran have raised hopes of reducing tensions between Tehran and Washington. It seems that the release of such news has shocked members of “Team B”.

For the past one or two years, members of the team have practically tried to push Trump into a path of war with Iran and they have made every attempt on this path. Every time Trump has spoken of negotiating with Iran, they have tried to block Trump from realizing that demand. Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser John Bolton, whose record of opposition to Iran dates back decades ago, has had a special place in opposition to the Iranian people.

In response to France's recent efforts to ease tensions between Iran and the US, he has said that Trump's call for a meeting with Rouhani does not mean softening the US stance.

However, since the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, developments have taken place internationally, and the remarks of officials of the two countries have diminished some optimism about reducing tensions in Tehran-Washington relations. Following a press conference by the US and French Presidents and reiterating some of their allegations, President Hassan Rouhani related any changes to the Islamic Republic's relationship with the United States to conditions, including lifting sanctions in advance. "In our relationship with the United States there will not be a positive development without the United States leaving its sanctions and correcting its mistakes."

Speaking shortly afterwards, John Bolton, reiterating his earlier hard-line stances, said that Donald Trump's request to talk with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, about Tehran's nuclear program does not mean Washington's softened policy against the Islamic Republic.

Bolton's remarks before any Trump reaction could be attributed to Netanyahu's actions, suggesting that the team's members are concerned about recent developments in Iran's relationship with the international community.

A review of the political developments of the last two years clearly shows that the goal of some of the US government officials and their allies in the region is the regime change in Iran. Confronting Iran and preventing the Islamic Republic from increasing its authority in regional and international arenas is a policy pursued in the last four decades.

Zarif has repeatedly warned Trump about the “Team B” and their plans for a warmongering. The FM wrote in a tweet addressing the US President in May that Donald Trump must be careful. Opposition to costly and stupid (military) intervention was his slogan. The conspiracy group, the warmongers and the butchers, the infamous “Team B” has plotted for something far beyond what he expects.

The hard-line American politician, John Bolton, could only achieve a key position in the Trump administration and be the focus of worldwide media attention. He has a strong interest in military power. His hawkish stance has led some of his closest allies among American conservatives to stay away from him. Speaking about the recent months of unrest in Venezuela, Trump said he was unhappy with the White House National Security Adviser's position and noted if (power in the United States) was in John Bolton's hand, we would have been involved in war at some places.

However, the set of circumstances has made the so-called “Team B” far from achieving its anti-Iran goals.

Mohammad Javad Zarif's revelations on the team's warmongering intentions and plans, the Israeli election, Tehran's determination to defend its national interests and events such as the downing of the US spy drone and the seizure of two violent British tanker, have lead two regional members of the “Team B”, Bin Zayed and Bin Salman, to rethink about their anti-Iran approaches, on the other hand, the inability to resolve the Yemeni war and crisis has effectively put Bin Salman and Bin Zayed in a weak position. In addition, the maximum pressure policy that appears to have been prescribed for Trump by “Team B” has failed and proved to be ineffective.

Adding to this the atmosphere surrounding the US election and the lack of a significant achievement in the confrontation with Iran, we would conclude that the “Team B” members are at a weakest position more than ever. However, as conditions have changed in favor of Iran now, members of the “Team B” and at its center, John Bolton and Benjamin Netanyahu, find themselves in a weak position, which is why Benjamin Netanyahu is creating tension in the region and Bolton threatening Iran. As Mohammad Javad Zarif puts it, dialogue and peacemaking are a threat to the existence of Team B.


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