Jul 11, 2019, 12:43 AM
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Iraqi tribes announce readiness to fully support Iran

Baghdad, July 10, IRNA - A group of Iraqi tribal leaders on Tuesday attended the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad to express support and defend Iran against any invasion and external threats.

This gathering of tribal leaders from different parts of Iraq attended at the Iranian embassy, ​​during a meeting with Iran's Ambassador to Baghdad Iraj Masjedi, emphasized that any possible war against Iran is considered a war against Iraq and Iraq is ready to defend the Islamic Iran.

Recalling the Islamic Republic of Iran's assistance and support to Iraq, especially during the war with the ISIS terrorist group, they said that the Islamic Republic has proven to be the sole supporter of the oppressed peoples of the world, especially the oppressed Palestinians.

In this meeting, the Iraqi tribal leaders recalled a portion of the history of tribes struggles against British colonialism on the occasion of the anniversary of the 1920 uprising of the country against British colonialism, which led to the establishment of the new Iraqi government, and noted that, given America's pressures against Iran, in particular in the economic sector, as an appreciation of Tehran's support and help for Iraq over the past few years, they are now ready to fulfill their obligation to Iran.

In this visit, the Iranian Ambassador in Iraq also described the role of tribes in the history of both Iran and Iraq.

He said that Iran and Iraq are a single nation, and threats and attacks against each are threat against the other one.

The diplomat referred to the words of Imam Khomeini on tribes as the reserves of the country and the Revolution, and considered the tribes as honor of the nations and the governments of Iran and Iraq, and pointed out that the tribes always played a significant role in defusing and confronting the plots in the two countries.

Ambassador of Iran, while appreciating the readiness of the Iraqi tribes in support of the Islamic Republic, underlined, "We are sure that the Iraqi government and nation will support Iran as the Islamic Republic has supported Iraq against the threats."

Masjedi stressed that the positions of the Iraqi people and tribes in the proclamation of the protection and defend of the Islamic Republic are reflected to the authorities.


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