Jun 26, 2019, 5:16 PM
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Iran, flag-bearer of global campaign vs drug-trafficking

Tehran, June 26, IRNA - Iran is the flag-bearer of global campaign against drug trafficking in light of the drug haul by special forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran Police which account for 70 percent of the illicit drugs being seized around the world every year.

Constructing 2,009 km of border barriers and fortifications
Blocking tens of straits and crossings with reinforced concrete
Digging hundreds of kilometers of trench
Establishing thousands of border checkpoints
Establishing border watchtowers

Strategies for fighting illegal drugs in Iran
Deterrence programs
Treatment and social support
Increase of rehabilitation centers
Culture building programs

Cooperation of 24 national apparatus in controlling drug addiction

Iran's measures
Iran's share of the global uncovering of illegal drugs
Opium 76%
Morphine 67%
Heroin 17%

Uncovering 11,000 tons of illegal & psychedelic drugs   
Iran's costs of fighting int'l smugglers
3,811 forces killed
12,000 forces injured

Annual fund: $300 m

Iran is neighboring narcotics cultivation centers
Iran pays highest cost for addiction

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