Mar 11, 2019, 5:04 PM
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Critics of Israel in US pay high price: Activist

New York, March 11, IRNA – Anybody who criticizes Israel and the policies of the regime or Washington's support for it in the US will pay a high price and be labeled as an anti-Semitist, an American political activist said.

'Any criticism of Israel and the US relationship with Israel and its decades of funding, financing, giving military equipment and political and diplomatic support to Israel's many crimes against Palestinians and people of the entire region is condemned as anti-Semitic,' Sara Flounders told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) referring to the case of Ilham Omar.

Omar, a US Democratic Congresswoman in February, criticized the US politicians and the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) for their policies on Palestine. She said that money was the underlying reason of the US politicians' support for Israel.

The views that were posted on Twitter were denounced as 'anti-Semitic tropes' by House Democratic leaders.

'And that is just not true,' Flounders said, adding, 'Criticizing the Zionist regime of Israel and its policies are not anti-Semitism.'

'By singling out Omar, they are trying to break any support for the Palestinian people and any support for Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement which has now a broad support in the US and there is less and less support for the Israel,' the political activist said.

'There is an all-out support by the AIPAC which is a paid lobbying arm for the state of Israel,' he echoed the Omar's views.

'That's why it exists; it is an official lobby organization for Israel and they are orchestrating this attack to try to say that any condemnation of Israel is anti-Semitism,' she argued.

'But we, on the other hand, and voices across the US are calling for support for Ilham Omar, a young Muslim woman elected to Congress who has every right to express her views.'

Israeli supporters have gone out of their way over a decade to prevent any congressperson, or any person in the media or journalists from criticizing the Zionist regime, Flounders said.

'They will pay an immediate price if they express support for the Palestinian people.'

'You can look at Cynthia McKinney, an African-American Congressperson elected again and again by her district. And they went out of their way to push her out of Congress,' she said.

The US political activist believed that the state of Israel could exist one day without the US financial, military, political, diplomatic support.

'This is a state, whose purpose is to create divisions in the region,' she added.

'It is to be used as a weapon against the Palestinian people, and to be used as a colonial outpost in the region.'


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