Nov 10, 2018, 12:23 PM
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Roodkhan Castle one of the best in Iran

Tehran, Nov 10, IRNA - Roudkhan Castle is situated 20 kilometers southeast of Fouman in Gilan Province.

It is one of best forts in Iran for several reasons. First of all, the fort is only accessible by walking and climbing through a beautiful jungle for two hours and there is a trail which makes climbing easier.

Therefore those who are relatively fit but are not hard core trekkers can easily reach the fort but it keeps the cars and unappreciative casual tourist out of the picture, according to

Secondly, the fort is in amazingly good shape compared to other forts in Iran and the reason for this is its remoteness and inaccessibility, particularly in the olden days in which the present modern modes of transportation and equipment were not available.

Thirdly the fort appeals both to nature lovers and those keen on history and historical monuments.
Fourthly, since the fort is situated in a thick jungle area, the parts the structure that have not been restored have undergone degradation and somehow become a part of jungle in a very strange and interesting way.

Here are some facts for those of you who are interested in this historic site:

● The area is about six acres — the fort itself is in the shape of figure 8.
● The difference in altitude of its lowest point and highest point is 100 meters.
● The 900-year-old troop's dormitories of the fort — which have undergone restoration — have never been captured by the enemy.

Roodkhan Fortress, located in Fouman Forests north of Iran, is built on two tips of a mountain, at elevations of 715 and 670 meters. A natural spring flows from one tip down the foothills. There are 65 towers, 42 of these still stand intact, and 1,500 meters of fortifying wall encircling an area of 2.6 hectares. Its architects had benefited from natural mountainous features in the construction of the fort.

The castle had two sections: One administrative and the other military, which housed a garrison. Experts believe existing castle dates back to the Seljuk Era (1037-1187 CE), however there are evidences of Sassanid architecture (226-651 CE) in the castle.

After crossing mountainous winding pavements through dense and very beautiful rainforests, the first thing that the traveler discovers at elevation of 670+ meters is the castle's massive entrance gate. Among the interesting features of Roodkhan Fortress are the various vaults, brick layers and geometric works of masonry which demonstrate the skills of the architects some 1,000 years ago.

A step paved passage, passing through spectacular intact forest, taking about two hours to climb, is the only accessing way to the castle.

Source: Iran Daily


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