A glance at tourism attractions of Kohgiluyeh-Boyer-Ahmad province

Yasuj, March 20, IRNA - The mountainous Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province in southwestern Iran with ample of untapped tourism attractions is known as land of four seasons.

The province is mostly mountainous in terrain, part of the Zagros range. The highest point is the Dena summit with a height of 5,109 meters (over 4,000 meters high above the sea level) which is covered with oak forests.

There are over 250 tourism attractions in the province comprising of historical monuments and eye-catching natural beauties which soften eyes of all tourists.

One of these tourist attractions named Deh Sheikh Cave covered with lush green floodplains, white snowy mountains, tidal rivers and several thousand-year-old monuments and memorials truly demonstrates Iranian civilization.

While touring parts of the province covered with thick snow, you can touch other nearby regions with different climate and natural beauties like verdures tableau.

The cave is the home to tourists and archeologists' minds who explore natural beauties during the New Year holidays.

Another beautiful site is Kerik village some 35 kilometers away from Yasuj that the unique texture of the step of the village, with its mud-shaped structures and attractive engineering, attracts many foreign tourists to the village.

Marin village in vicinity of Dogonbadan city known as 'South Masuleh' (a very famous tourist attraction in north of Iran) that its rainbow and natural, historical and religious attractions have opened doors of the province to domestic and foreign tourists.

Marin Gardens is the lost paradise of southern Iran, and this village hosts many tourists from all over the country during spring and late winter.

Tang-Tamoradi water fall is among very famous tourist attractions in the province.

Other historical tourist attractions named Chesme (fountain) Belqis, with a vibrant nature and diversity of tree species and beautiful landscape.

About Cultural attractions

Cultural attractions of Kohgiloyeh & Boyer-Ahmad province, including handcrafts, local clothing, local music and theaters are considered as tourism attractions of the region.


Because of enough materials such as wool, people are able to create different types of handicrafts in this province. A large number of such handicrafts are marketed out of the region. There are several types of different woven crafts. Some of them are: knitted, such as rugs, cushions, satchels and Glims. Others are carpets, Gabeh, gloves and other handicrafts that are made by the tribes of the province.

Local Customes

Local customes are one of the most important cultural attractions of this region. Women of Kohgiloyeh & Boyer-Ahmad province are all still committed to their local customes and such clothing in ceremonies and celebrations. These clothes have various and beautiful colors. Their dress is long. They put on a long scarf called 'Meyna' with a hat called 'Lachaki'.

Folklore Music

Folklore music and dances are important cultural attractions of Kohgiloyeh & Boyer-Ahmad province. Music instruments in this region are Korna, Dohol, and Pishe (Reed). Music and dances are performed in celebrations. Men usually participate in Wood Dance. Wood Playing is related to brave men of the tribe and has a special music.


The most important souvenirs of the province are walnuts, raisin, whey, garlic, animal oil, honey, dried herbs and medicinal herbs with the local name of Chowil, Celery, Mushrooms, Bilhar, Konger and Kareda.
Hand-woven and handicrafts such as cloves are presented in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, carpets made of rugs, baskets are among other souvenirs of the province.


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