Mar 26, 2017, 2:32 PM
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In reciprocal act, Iran sanctions 15 American companies

Mar 26, 2017, 2:32 PM
News ID: 82474449
In reciprocal act, Iran sanctions 15 American companies

Tehran, March 26, IRNA – The Islamic Republic of Iran, in response to Washington’s imposition of new sanctions against Tehran, has put 15 American companies under sanctions.

The Foreign Ministry announced in a statement on Sunday that the Islamic Republic of Iran has imposed sanctions on 15 American companies involved in propping up the Zionist regime, terrorists and suppressing civilians in the region.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns the recent measure taken by the United States administration to impose one-sided extraterritorial sanctions against Iranian and non-Iranian individuals and institutions,” the Foreign Ministry said in its statement.

“Imposition of new sanctions by the US is based on fabricated and illegitimate pretexts and amount to an action against the international regulations as well as the word and spirit of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action,” it said.

“Hereby, the Islamic Republic repeats and insists that strengthening and enhancement of the country’s defense capabilities, including boosting Iran’s missile defense power remains to be certain and inevitable in a bid to safeguard the country’s right to defend itself against any foreign aggression and build up its deterrence power against threats.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran accepts no restrictions imposed against its efforts to protect its dignity, territorial integrity and security of the people.”

The statement by Iran’s Foreign Ministry suggests that the 15 American companies have gone under sanction for their blatant violation of human rights and international humanitarian rights.

“They have been included in the list of the individuals and legal entities which are under sanction by the Islamic Republic.”

According to the statement, the sanctioned companies have, directly and/or indirectly, been involved in the brutal atrocities committed by the Zionist regime in the occupied Palestinian territories, or they have supported the regime’s terrorist activities and Israel’s development of Zionist settlements on the Palestinian soil against the Resolution 2334 adopted by the United Nations Security Council urging Tel Aviv to stop construction of new settlements.

The following are the names of the American companies now under Iranian sanction:

United Technologies Produces
ITT Corporation
Re/Max Real Estate
Oshkosh Corporation
Magnum Research Inc.
Kahr Arms
M7 Aerospace
Military Armament Corporation
Lewis Machine and Tool Company
Daniel Defense
Bushmaster Firearms International
O.F. Mossberg & Sons
H-S Precision Inc.

Most of the companies listed above are involved in security and military activities and generously help the Zionist regime to continue its brutal treatment of Palestinians.

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