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Resistance to keep supporting Gaza until goals are achieved: Nasrallah

Tehran, IRNA- Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah Resistance Movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has pledged support for the oppressed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip until the goals of people and their fighters are accomplished.

According to IRNA, citing Lebanon's Al-Ahed news site, Nasrallah on Tuesday night in his speech on the occasion of the month of Muharram emphasized that the Lebanese resistance, which started its activities in support of Palestine on October 8 following the Al-Aqsa Storm operation and the launch of Israeli genocidal war will go ahead until goals are achieved on all fronts.

“We are looking forward to it and there will be no turning back”, Hezbollah chief said adding that support fronts for Gaza in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen and its main political supporters such as Syria and Iran are praiseworthy in contrast to the “sorrowful positions” taken by some Arab and Islamic countries toward Gaza.

The Hezbollah Secretary General noted that "no aid has entered the Gaza Strip for several months and this region is facing the risk of famine and disease, but the question is, is it wise to see the continuation of this situation?"

Stressing that the Zionist regime’s army is the most immoral one in the world, Nasrallah said every Muslim with conscience should ask himself if the Arab and Islamic countries really can't do anything for Gaza. “We believe that we must fulfill our duty in this regard”.

He reiterated Hezbollah’s own stance and said: "When one of us is martyred or we are threatened with war, we are not afraid and we do not give up our responsibility."

"We are the children, followers and students of Karbala, and we consider death nothing but happiness and life with oppressors, invaders and murderers nothing but misery", the Hezbollah leader concluded.


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