Jun 12, 2024, 9:24 PM
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By Mohsen Pakaein

Hajj and expressing disgust for Israel

Jun 12, 2024, 9:24 PM
News ID: 85507513
Hajj and expressing disgust for Israel

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with the Hajj brokers, referring to the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza and Palestine, said: "Given the immense and strange events in Gaza, which more than ever have revealed the face of the vampire that arose from Western civilization, this year's Hajj is a special Hajj of acquittal.

In this regard, it is hoped that the pilgrims of the Hajj, who are in the first line of acquittal from polytheists and oppressors, will fulfill their Islamic and human duties according to the following principles:

1. This year's Hajj is being held at a time when the Zionist regime has created a new disaster in continuation of its crimes in Gaza, which are a clear example of genocide, by continuously attacking the Palestinian refugee camps in Nuseirat and Rafah. Israel's crimes are being committed at the current stage while even the United States and England, who are the main supporters of the Zionist regime and its genocidal partner, oppose the continuation of this regime's crimes, and the adoption of the recent Security Council resolution also confirms this position.

2. Clear evidence shows that Israel is on the path of decline, and the United States and other supporters of the regime also believe in the strategic and regional failure of Israel against the axis of resistance. Israel is also faced with extensive economic, social, class and livelihood problems, and this process is the reason for the formation of reverse migration among Jews and massive protests by Zionist settlers.

3. The continuation of the genocide and crimes committed against the people of Gaza is a clear example of insulting international standards and regulations and disregarding the ruling of the International Court of Justice, which demanded an immediate stop to the attack on Rafah and the implementation of a ceasefire. These attacks show that the Israeli cabinet, headed by Netanyahu, not only does not want to release the Israeli captives, but is the main obstacle to their release. Israel's criminal actions have been effective in suspending this regime's membership in the United Nations and other international institutions and will increase the votes of the international community to recognize Palestine as a permanent member of the United Nations.

4. The barbaric crimes of the Zionist regime have increased the ability of Hamas to bargain in the field of diplomacy to secure the interests of the Palestinian people and strengthen the power of resistance not only in the field but also in international forums. Of course, the aggression of the Zionist regime did not in any way prevent the Palestinian groups and Hamas from continuing their struggle against Israel, and as the military commanders of Hamas and other resistance groups announced, the struggle against Israel will continue with more intensity, and in the coming days, the situation will be tougher against Israel. In the recent months and after the start of the great al-Aqsa Storm operation, Israel has not been able to achieve anything in the military, political and regional fronts and even in the international arena, and on the other hand, the resistance axis carries out all its operational plans based on planning. This is despite the fact that Hezbollah and Ansarullah of Yemen have not brought their full military power to the field, and because of this, Israel have been confused in the battle.

5. From the very first days of the Gaza war, the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that if Israel's crimes continue and attacks on civilian areas intensify, it will lead to an increase in the geographical scope of the war. It seems that Israel's warmongering actions aimed at keeping Netanyahu in power have changed the balance of war, and West Asia will soon witness new developments.

Under such circumstances, the duty of Hajj pilgrims of all nationalities, especially Iranian pilgrims, is very heavy, and it is especially necessary to transform Hajj to expose the crimes of Israel and America and to hold accountable the enemies of Islam and the invaders of Palestine. Iranian and non-Iranian pilgrims should strengthen their relationship with each other in addition to performing Hajj rituals and convey to the world the Qur'anic logic in support of the Palestinian nation, free from the Zionist regime.

Today, the oppression of the people of Gaza has awakened the conscience of humanity and has provided a suitable platform for attacking this regime in the battlefield and in the field of public diplomacy. Muslim states who are still thinking of normalizing relations with Israel, by witnessing the unity of the Muslims of the world in support of Palestine, will realize their mistake and tread on the path of the Islamic movement to destroy the Zionist regime.


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