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Iran, world's largest producer of Iranian rose, rosewater: Official

Tehran, IRNA –Iran is the world’s largest producer of Iranian roses and rosewater, according to an official from the country’s Ministry of Agriculture Jihad (MAJ).

Hossein Zeinali, the executive manager of the National Medicinal Plants Project at the Agriculture Ministry, reported that Iran ranks first in the production of rosewater and Iranian rose, and fourth in rose essence production.

During the last Iranian year (March 2023-24), a total of 1,000,852 metric tons of rosewater were exported from Iran to other countries. Additionally, approximately 519 metric tons of petals and buds were exported to various nations. This export volume allowed Iran to earn $2.6 million, representing a 51% increase in weight and a 24% increase in value compared to the previous year.

The Iranian rose, also known as the Damask rose, goes by several other names, including Bulgarian rose, Taif rose, Ispahan rose, and Castile rose.


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