Apr 30, 2024, 6:56 PM
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Distortion of facts by Western media failed to cover “bloody scene” in Gaza: Statement

Tehran, IRNA – Some 150 Iranian members of parliament have issued a statement which indicates that the distortion of facts by Western media has not been able to cover the Zionist atrocities in Gaza and the “bloody scene” in the besieged Palestinian area.

The statement, read out before the Iranian parliament (Majlis) on Tuesday, stresses that “today, Gaza is the scene of confrontation between an oppressed and afflicted and resistant nation with a ruthless and usurping group".

Sympathizing with the oppressed and protesting against oppressors is the least duty of the people, the statement said.  

It added that declaration of solidarity with Palestine by world academics, especially in Western countries, is indicative of their justice-seeking, altruistic and human nature.

The statement further stressed that return to justice is the only solution to this crisis. 


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