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'Iraqi resistance group to continue targeting Israel to support Gaza'

Tehran, IRNA – The resistance of Iraq will continue operations against the Israeli regime as long as it attacks Gaza, a member of the Arab country’s parliament has announced.

The strong measures of the Iraqi resistance have affected the United States because the groups want to cease the US military presence in Iraq and in the region, the Arab media quoted Hassan Salem as saying on Sunday.

Salem, who is also the head of al-Sadiqun (the honest ones), said the US's presence in the region is fading fast and this is due to the power of the Resistance.

He went on to say that the resistance groups play a leading role in compelling the US to exit Iraq.

The resistance operations take place in support of Al Aqsa Storm and Palestinians in Gaza, he stressed.

Also, in a statement on Sunday, Iraq’s Islamic resistance group confirmed its drone attack on Israel’s base at a port in the occupied lands.

The Islamic resistance group of Iraq targets the regime’s bases to support the people of Gaza and to respond to Israel’s aggression against the Palestinians nation, according to the statement.

Since the beginning of the Israeli regime's war on Gaza on October 7, over 33,000 Palestinians, mostly children and women, have been killed in the enclave.


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