Feb 21, 2024, 8:04 AM
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Headlines in Iranian English-language dailies on Feb 21

Feb 21, 2024, 8:04 AM
News ID: 85393511
Headlines in Iranian English-language dailies on Feb 21

Tehran, IRNA – The following headlines appeared in English-language newspapers in the Iranian capital on Wednesday, February 21, 2024:


- US goals for cease-fire in Gaza

As per reports, the United States is gearing up to table a draft resolution at the Security Council for a temporary cease-fire in the Gaza Strip. The US has shot down several peace proposals and blocked Algeria’s suggestion yesterday. Washington’s opposition to these peace initiatives, especially as the death toll among Palestinians nears 30,000, has cast doubt on the global standing of the United States. The ongoing protests against Israel and the growing sympathy for Palestinians worldwide, particularly in Western nations, have added to these concerns.

- Iran salvages Tahiti triumph to face host in knockouts

A thrilling comeback victory saw Iran defeat Tahiti 5-3 to finish atop the Group B table at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Dubai and get a showdown with the host in an all-Asian quarterfinal. The Iranian goalkeepers were the heroes of day for the country at the Dubai Design District Stadium on Monday, scoring three goals between them to inspire the fightback.

- Israel, main loser in media battleground

Media experts present at the 24th Iran Media Expo in Tehran believe that media channels supporting the resistance axis have played a crucial role in the Gaza conflict by exposing the tragedies unfolding, particularly the killings of women, children, and innocent civilians, thereby revealing the true face of the Zionist military to the world. The experts argue that despite the Zionists’ attempts to portray themselves as victims and justify their heavy military actions against the defenseless people of Gaza, their objectives were not met due to the efforts of the media backing the resistance axis. This led to widespread awareness among people worldwide about the deceptive tactics employed by the Zionists through their media narratives.


-" 90% Enrichment Show" Directed by Israel

With the Israeli regime bogged down in Gaza, Israeli and U.S. intelligence circles are busy plotting a new nuclear crisis with Iran that would dwarf the catastrophic humanitarian crisis currently unfolding in the Palestinian enclave.  It’s been a relatively long time since Iran’s nuclear program last made global headlines. The last case of meaningful diplomacy between Tehran and Washington was when the two sides successfully struck a deal to swap prisoners and release Iran’s assets frozen in South Korean bank accounts. The deal was a sort of provisional détente aimed in part to keep the status quo and prevent an escalation. The surprising October 7 operation by the Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip and the ensuing atrocities by Israel seemed to have further shelved the already stagnant nuclear diplomacy.

- US PR stunt

Israel’s Western allies, in particular the United States, do not lift a finger to support the Palestinian people unless they face domestic and international pressure. Since Israel launched its deadly war in Gaza on October 7, the United States has spared no effort to stand by the regime politically and militarily.  Washington provides billions of dollars in military assistance to Tel Aviv every year.  US military funding to Israel exceeded $3.8 billion last year. That was part of a record $38 billion deal over 10 years signed under former president Barack Obama in 2016.

- Ansarullah wages 4 major operations in 24 hours

The spokesperson for the Ansarullah Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, has announced the Sanaa-based government’s naval forces have conducted four major operations in the waters off Yemen against two American ships, one British vessel as well as shooting down a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone. In response to America’s designation of Ansarullah as a terrorist organization, the ongoing US-UK aggression against Yemen, and the devastating Israeli war on Gaza, the Sanaa government has indicated it has the prowess to significantly escalate developments in the Red and Arabian seas.


- IRGC uses drones in groundbreaking operations

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has furnished its ground troops with two homegrown drones used for assault and combat, Nour News reported on Tuesday. The IRGC Ground Force recently received the ‘Shahed-131’ suicide drone and ‘Ababil-5’ combat drone. With a length of 2.6 meters, Shahed-131 weighs 135 kg and can detonate targets within a radius of 900 km.

- US confirms drone down in Yemen

 The US is investigating a claim by Yemen that its forces shot down a U.S. reaper drone in the Red Sea on Monday.  Yemen’s army said it downed a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone over the port city of Hudaydah early on Monday morning, with the Pentagon confirming that a U.S. drone had crashed. “The Yemeni air defenses were able to shoot down an American plane (MQ-9) with a suitable missile while it was carrying out hostile missions against our country on behalf of the Zionist entity,” Yemen’s military spokesman Yahya Saree said.

- US again vetoes stopping Gaza genocide

The US on Tuesday vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that demanded an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. It’s the third time the U.S. has vetoed a resolution related to the war on Gaza. It also comes amid increasing global calls for a ceasefire as conditions in the enclave continue to rapidly deteriorate.


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