Jan 23, 2024, 1:23 PM
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Official: US, UK attacks will not deter Yemenis from supporting Gaza

Tehran, IRNA - Senior Yemeni official Mohammed Ali al-Houthi has said that the latest US and UK attacks on the country will not deter the Yemenis from supporting Gaza.

"The US-UK targeting is a new attempt to deter Yemen from supporting Gaza, stopping its naval operations, which will not be achieved,"  al-Houthi was quoted by Almasirah as saying on Tuesday. 

He said that Yemen's naval operations in the Red Sea are aimed at preventing the massacre of the people of Gaza and their siege, adding that the Americans are bombing the people of Yemen to protect the "criminal terrorist enemy of Israel".

The US and UK should understand that we are ready to respond and that our people do not know the term surrender, he stressed.

Reports coming from Yemen suggest there were several explosions early on Tuesday in the capital Sana’a as a result of new US and British attacks on the country. 

The US and the UK have launched their aerial strikes on Yemen multiple times in recent weeks to protect Israeli interests and to prevent the Yemeni army’s attacks on Israeli-linked ships which have been carried out to prevent the regime’s genocide in Gaza.

The attacks have sparked condemnations with many countries accusing Washington and London of violating Yemen’s sovereignty.




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