Jan 21, 2024, 12:47 AM
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Israelis swarm Tel Aviv streets to demand regime’s ouster

Jan 21, 2024, 12:47 AM
News ID: 85360277
Israelis swarm Tel Aviv streets to demand regime’s ouster

Tehran, IRNA- Israelis have held yet another mass rally in Tel Aviv to demand the ouster of the far-right coalition cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the return of captives held by Palestinian resistance fighters in the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of demonstrators marched through the city, with some carrying banners calling Netanyahu "the face of evil" and demanding "elections now", news sources reported on Saturday night.

According to Palestine's Sama news agency, the protesters also demanded an agreement with Hamas to return the Zionist captives in Gaza.

The protesters blocked the road leading to the prime minister’s residence in the north of the occupied territories. This is the latest in several massive rallies held in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities against Netanyahu over the Gaza war and his failure to get the captives back.

Netanyahu is under intense pressure to secure the return of the captives seized by Hamas on October 7, with the resistance group last week announcing the deaths of two more captives in Israeli strikes.

"The way we're going; all the captives are going to die. It's not too late to free them," Avi Lulu Shamriz, the father of Alon Shamriz, the father of Alon Shamriz, a captive killed by Zionist troops at the onset of the war told AFP, adding that “Netanyahu's cabinet was heading for disaster”.

The regime, which has been heavily bombarding the Gaza Strip since October 7 with the aim of destroying Hamas has failed to achieve its goals despite spilling the blood of innocent Palestinian civilians for over three months now.

The excessive demand of the Tel Aviv regime and its incessant bombing campaign have led to the failure of aa deal to swap remaining Israeli captives with the Palestinians illegally held in the regime’s prisons for months or years.

During the operation Al-Aqsa Storm, Hamas fighters captured about 240 captives, at least 27 captives are believed to have been killed.

In late November, a short-lived 7-day truce saw more than 100 Israeli captives freed in exchange for Palestinians held illegally in Israeli jails and also allowed the delivery of much-needed humanitarian aid into Gaza.

In recent days, most of Israeli media have published articles suggesting the defeat of the Zionist army and the victory of the Palestinian resistance, and called for negotiations with Hamas and other resistance groups for the release of the captives.

Many experts call it impossible for the Netanyahu cabinet to keep going with the mayhem in Gaza and believe that the cabinet will fall soon.


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