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West using human rights to put pressure on other nations: Iranian judicial official

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s Deputy Judiciary Chief for International Affairs Kazem Gharibabadi on Thursday criticized Western countries for using human rights issues as a tool to exert pressure on independent states, expressing regret that the rights issues have been politicized to such extent.

Gharibabadi, who is also the secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, made the comments in a meeting with Chairwoman of Ivory Coast’s National Council for Human Rights Namizata Sangare. She is in Iran where she attended the First International Congress for Women of Influence held on January 20.

The Iranian judicial official said that cultural diversity is an important concept, but an issue of difference among countries. The West is seeking to impose its standards on other cultures and ignore cultural differences among nations, he added.

He also said that more than 17,000 people, including women and children, have been killed in terror acts in Iran over the past years. “It is surprising that Western countries, which regard themselves as defenders of human rights and women’s rights, have turned into safe havens for terrorist groups.”

Further in his remarks, Gharibabadi referred to a 2022 report by the UN special rapporteur that concluded that “unilateral sanctions against Iran exacerbate existing humanitarian and economic challenges and negatively affect the lives of the people, in particular the most vulnerable.”

The Iranian official said that if Western states are really concerned about the rights of women and children in Iran they should remove sanctions against the country.

He also spoke about the recent riots in Iran, saying that Western countries were clearly interfering and used all tools to put pressure on the Islamic Republic.

Gharibabadi noted that human rights issues have now turned into a political tool, arguing that no statements have ever been issued against a number of European countries which are grappling with mass protests by their people.

The Iranian official meanwhile referred to what he described as the key and influential position of women in Iran, saying that they are playing great roles in different sectors including politics, economy and culture.

The Ivorian official on her part expressed satisfaction over her trip to Iran and her presence at the International Congress for Women of Influence.

She said that the gathering helped her gain a true understanding of the women’s situation in Iran and the key roles they are playing in their society.

Namizata Sangare also said that the Congress for Women of Influence helps women of developing countries get familiar with each other.

During their talks, the Iranian and Ivorian officials agreed to continue with negotiations and exchanging experience on human rights issues.



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