Afghanistan good example of dependent gov't: Commander

Tehran, IRNA – Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri said that Afghanistan exemplified the fate of a dependent government that relied on the US, instead of its people.

Speaking in an internal introduction ceremony, General Baqeri pointed to the US behavior in the international arena during the three decades after the Soviet disintegration, saying that the US took it for granted that it would lead a unipolar world and waged a lot of direct and proxy wars and invasions in the Southeast Asia region and in Afghanistan.

However, efforts by the Axis of Resistance and other forces in the Muslim World appeared as a game changer, the general noted, adding that the developments in recent months proved the absolute failure of this US strategy.

He called on the states in the region that thought they could achieve peace, stability and power by relying on the US instead of their own people to consider developments in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan lost its army and government in 10 to 11 days and American forces fled the country, he said, underlining that was not unlikely that the same thing would happen in countries this dependent.

Another recent event showed that the unipolar world failed to form and other powers were emerging while the US was declining, the commander said, referring to Iran’s permanent membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

He also said that US and its allies in West Asia region talk of threats and underlined that they know very well that Iran would give a crushing response to any aggression against its territory and interest.


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