May 16, 2021, 9:10 AM
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The sufferings of the Zionist regime

Tehran, May 16, IRNA - Coinciding with the Zionist regime's atrocities in Jerusalem and the cross-defense of jihadist forces in Palestine, racial discrimination by extremist Jews against Arabs in the occupied territories has confirmed the existence of apartheid in the regime.

The world media and even the news agencies of the occupying regime have acknowledged the violent attacks of the Jewish extremists on the Arabs in the cities of Lad, Acre and Haifa and the outbreak of street riots against racism. Clashes between far-right Israeli supporters and the Arab minority in the Occupied Palestinian Territories prompted regime leader Reuven Rivlin  to warn of the danger of a "civil war."

According to Israeli police, in addition to the violent incidents in several cities of Lad, Acre and Haifa, the incident that became a symbol of this racist violence took place near Tel Aviv. In images broadcast on one of the official Israeli television channels, a group of far-right supporters attacked an Arab man. In these images, dozens of far-right supporters force the man out of the car and beat him until he faints. Tel Aviv hospital officials, without identifying the man, said he was "severely injured but in stable condition."

The Times of Israel and Euro news, which have received the most coverage, admit that Israel is witnessing the worst internal unrest in recent years between Jews and Arabs, with unrest, riots and racist marches, and a loss of control.

According to the media, right-wing Jews and villains who have taken to the streets against the Arab minority are beating Arabs, burning houses, breaking into shops and shooting like crazy. Netanyahu says he may send troops to the streets. Perhaps the most terrifying scene to the disbelief and horror of Israeli leaders was a video of hundreds of Jewish extremists in the Bethlehem area destroying Arab property and attacking an Arab driver in his car. They pulled him out, and beat him brutally. As a result of the violence, the Arabs reacted and the synagogue and Jewish shops were set on fire and an Arab was shot dead. According to media reports, more than 400 people have been arrested so far, and a state of emergency has been declared in the city of Lad, where Arabs and Jews live.

Without condemning the violence of extremist Jews, Israeli officials have called on Arab religious and social leaders to raise their voices and urge the Arabs to continue to coexist with the Jews. Of course, they have admitted that despite the regime's costs to raise the living standards of the Arabs living in the occupied territories have not yet reached the level of the Jews.

The minority of Israeli Arabs are racially and culturally Palestinian and are Israeli citizens. The occupying regime in Jerusalem has a population of about nine million, of which about one-fifth - nearly two million - are of Arab descent. In fact, they are Palestinians who did not leave the occupied territories after the creation of the fake Israeli regime in 1948 and became citizens of this regime. This population calls itself Israeli Palestinians or just Palestinians. Israeli Arabs are mostly Muslim and have been discriminated against for decades. Several human rights organizations have also acknowledged discrimination against this group of citizens. Amnesty International believes that the Israeli regime has committed "institutional discrimination" against Palestinians living in the country. According to a report released by Human Rights Watch in April 2021, Israeli authorities have committed apartheid against Palestinians inside Israel and the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories in the West Bank and Gaza, which is an example of a crime against humanity.

Israeli Arab citizens say the government is involved in the expropriation of their lands and accuse government officials of repeatedly discriminating against them in allocating government funds. Among the discriminations is that the citizenship laws of the Zionist regime give Jews the right to obtain citizenship and passports, but Palestinians who have emigrated or deported from this land and their children do not have this right if they return.

In 2018, the Israeli parliament passed the controversial Nation-State Act. Under the law, Arabic lost its status as an official language alongside Hebrew, and it was declared that the right to self-determination was "exclusive to the Jews." Ayman Odeh, an Arab member of parliament from the occupying regime, said the parliament had effectively passed a law on "Jewish supremacy" and that Arabs would henceforth be "second-class citizens".

Today, the Israeli media has called the "Jewish-Arab street war" a more dangerous crisis than their country's war with Palestinian organizations. These media widely use the word "lynch" to kill Arabs, which means "execution in public and deliberate beatings with intent to kill." After a long period of silence, Benjamin Netanyahu likened the planned attacks of Jewish youth on Arabs to a dangerous poison for the coexistence of Jews and Arabs. Defense Minister Benny Gantts also said on social media that there was a danger of retaliation for the spread of the incidents, saying that the danger of these street attacks on Israeli society was greater than the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel. Reuven Rivlin the head of Israel's fake regime, condemned the atrocities as Jewish attacks on Arab men intensified.

In the history of the forgery of the Zionist regime, at no time like today, this regime was close to collapse. Israel's atrocities against the defenseless Palestinians are now being answered with thousands of rockets and mortars, the iron dome has been pierced and Tel Aviv is under fire from the Palestinians. The continuation of the Intifada, the emergence of racial discrimination and the eruption of long-standing Arab entanglements, if supported by the Muslims of the world and Islamic and pro-human rights countries, will certainly be effective in the premature collapse of the occupying regime in Jerusalem.


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