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 America does not take the end of the Yemeni war into account!

Tehran, Feb 18, IRNA - The future of Yemen must be examined from an international and domestic perspective.

Internationally, in the post-Trump era and in the presence of White House President Joe Biden, there is evidence that US support for Saudi Arabia will be conditional. During his time in the White House and even during the election campaign, Biden repeatedly stated that the Yemeni war must end. Such an issue is very important in the 76-year history of Washington and Riyadh. This is the first time that the president has promised to put pressure on Saudi Arabia; Thus, we witnessed that at first, Joe Biden raised the issue of human rights issues and ordered the case of the murder of Jamal Khashogchi, a critical Saudi journalist, to be revived. Biden then referred to the issue of ending the war in Yemen, and in general, an atmosphere emerged in which US human rights organizations also took positions as well as exerted pressure in response to the increasing number of executions, human rights violations, and women's rights.

Biden believes the most important achievement that can be achieved in West Asia in the short term is the end of the Yemeni war. Because the future of the US presence in Syria and Iraq is quite uncertain. On the other hand, Biden's relations with Netanyahu are not warm, and a month after Biden entered the White House, he still has not talked to Netanyahu on the phone, so that this coldness of relations has become a media issue and, most importantly, humiliates Israel. Provided. Biden is now pursuing his policy with patience, and in the case of Palestine, he is emphasizing the policy of the two governments in the occupied territories, which is not to Israel's liking.

As for Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Biden has not yet reached a complete conclusion and can not be expected to achieve anything in this regard, so the only possible achievement in the West Asian region for Biden is to put pressure on his old ally, Saudi Arabia, to end the Yemeni war. In fact, Riyadh will be forced to enter into negotiations with Ansarullah and subsequently give concessions to Ansarullah and the Yemeni people with a ceasefire. It goes without saying that Biden's promises in this regard have been mere words and have not yet been implemented.

Ansarullah is also set to be removed from the US list of terrorist groups, which could be a very important step. If this happens, Ansarullah can establish more connections with the world. With the lifting of sanctions from this group, stable conditions will prevail in the world and the international community, and such a situation will end to the detriment of Saudi Arabia.

Although one cannot be optimistic about the implementation of these promises, so far the Biden administration's positions are better than those of the Trump administration. The Yemenis also want to see the promises of the new US administration put into practice. Therefore, the chairman of the Yemeni Supreme Political Council stated that we will continue to fight until these promises are fulfilled and the war and siege are over, and we will not allow our forces to be deceived by the political promises of the United States and Europe.

 One of the main reasons for the change in US approach and policies is the repeated victories of Yemeni forces, the army and the People's Committees in recent months. Even late in the Trump era to this day, which has led to a shift in the balance of power on the ground. The deadly blows of the drone units changed the situation in favor of Yemen, and the Saudi aggressors faced a serious problem. Today, not only are some Saudi military areas on the border near Yemen being targeted, but also the depths of Saudi Arabia, most recently the Abu International Airport, which was attacked by four drones. They could not deny it. This prompted European countries to take a stand and declare their support for Saudi Arabia during the attacks.

The power of Ansarullah drones has reached a point where the American media also declare that these drones are not interceptable. This also shows the falsity of the Saudis' claim that these drones can be intercepted.

In the current situation, both the position of Ansarullah forces in the international arena and on the battlefield is much better than in the past. It goes without saying that the Yemeni forces consider the use of drone capability as a deterrent and its purpose is to counter Saudi attacks. This has led the Saudi aggressors to take another action that did not work in their favor. Saudi Arabia prefers to attack schools to change the balance of civilian places such as hospitals, thereby increasing pressure on Yemeni militias. This situation, which is completely contrary to human rights, has made Saudi Arabia more and more hated in the world. It has caused many media outlets to break their silence and condemn the Riyadh operation. The issue prompted UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to condemn Saudi Arabia's inhumane act, albeit in a diplomatic tone. Thus, we see that the silence of the international community regarding Saudi Arabia is being broken, and it seems that if the Saudis want to continue this practice against the civilians, they will even face sanctions.

in addition to the UAE, will have no choice but to accept a ceasefire, and in this regard, give concessions to the other side, and finally Biden's opinion to end this. Wage war. Otherwise, Biden will have no gains in the Middle East, but in the event of a ceasefire, he can make a name for himself and the Democrats. To conclude, the main reason for the change in the approach of the Biden government and the Europeans was the resistance and sacrifices of the Yemeni forces on the battlefield. Therefore, if Saudi Arabia accepts the ceasefire, the United States should not take this issue into account and ride the wave.


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