Jan 13, 2021, 12:33 PM
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Biden team's familiarity with Iran unprecedented: Expert

New York, Jan 13, IRNA - The fact that the selection of a team, including those who are familiar with Iran-related affairs, by President-elect Joe Biden is unprecedented when it comes to comparison of the upcoming administration to the previous ones in the United States, an analyst says.

Ali Vaez, Crisis Group's Iran Project Director, told IRNA on Wednesday that Biden's selection of members of the national security and foreign policy team shows that the last four-year experience would help his administration adopt realistic policy-making in regard to Iran.

Pointing to several incidents of disagreements between President Donald Trump and his first secretary of state as well as his defense secretaries and his former national security advisor, Vaez noted that given the fact that there is a longstanding trust between Biden and his team, members of the new administration would not clash over foreign policy issues.

The Biden team has a unique experience in negotiating with Iranian officials, he said, arguing that it is wrong to think there would be a direct link between foreign policies of former President Barack Obama and President-elect Joe Biden.

The analyst went on to say that Obama's foreign policy team members were acquainted with Iran; so, they tried to pursue multilateralism in dealing with the Islamic Republic instead of following up a unilateralist approach that the Trump administration adopted.

As to the Biden team's approach toward the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and the West Asia region, Vaez noted that the team intends to return to the international nuclear accord, which was put aside by President Trump in May 2018, and that the candidates for the important positions in the Biden administration are keen to find a long-time strategy to bolster detente in the region.

Referring to William Burns as Biden's nominee for CIA director, the political expert added that Burns has a long experience in directing governmental organizations and he seems to be a practical person, who is able to reform the politicized security apparatus in the United States.

The academic further asserted that Trump would be engaged in legal charges; so, the end of his presidency would be the termination of his political future.


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