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Baghdad needs Tehran’s support, cooperation: Iraqi senior MP

Baghdad, Nov 15, IRNA – Iaqi Member of Parliament and Commissioner of Foreign Policy Amer al-Fayez told IRNA on Sunday that Iraq needs Iran’s support and cooperation.

Speaking to IRNA on the occasion of Iraqi Defense Minister Lt. General Juma Anad Saadoun’s visit to Tehran, Amer al-Fayez said that relations between the two brotherly and friendly countries of Iran and Iraq serve the interests of both nations.

Al-Fayez said that the relationship between Iran and Iraq formed after the downfall of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, which is a historic event and that Iraqi defense minister’s visit to Tehran is in line with strengthening the ties and development of cooperation.

He said that Iran and Iraqi nations enjoy historical affinities preparing the grounds for close cooperation beneficial to both countries, adding that Iran is now stable country and advanced in military industry.

Saying that Iraq is in need of cooperation with regional friendly countries, especially Iran, he added that history testifies that when the Daesh terrorist group set foot in Iraq, Iran took a different and honorable stance.

Iran sent military advisors, money, and weaponry to Iraq and trained the Iraqi forces to prevent ISIS advances poised to capture Baghdad, he said, adding that what Iran did served the entire world, not just Iraq.

With regards to Iran’s proposal to the regional countries for collective cooperation to ensure security of the region, he said that the suggestion made by Iran boosted morale of the regional countries and that Iran invited the regional countries to become self-sufficient as Iran has done.

Quoting Imam Khomeini as saying no country progresses unless it relies on itself, al-Fayez said it was such an idea that led Iranians to become a big country in the region and move toward the path of big powers.

Iran’s suggestions will strengthen regional countries and make them independent, so that faraway countries will not be able to interfere in their domestic affairs, he said.

He said that the region is a rich one on which all the world is fixating.

Regarding Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif’s expressing Tehran’s readiness to help neighboring countries materialize interests of their people, he said that if the regional leaders actually have the power to make decisions for their own, they should welcome such a generous proposal.

He added that European Union can stand against the US because it has unity and cooperation and that if Muslims become united, they will complete each other and can become a power which others will count on; then, no country will dare to hurt their sovereignty or economy.

He also said that unfortunately there are certain countries in the region that are not independent and just follow the orders of extra-regional countries.


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