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US dealt with "unprecedented" blow at UNSC: Official

Tehran, Aug 23, IRNA – Presidential Office chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi said the US was dealt with "unprecedented" blow at the United Nations Security Council when it got one yes vote out of 15 member states.

Last June, the White House announced that it would present a resolution to the UNSC to extend Iran’s arms embargo, which was roundly turned down on August 15. Only the US and Dominican Republic gave a yes to the draft resolution.

Mahmoud Vaezi said in a live TV program on Saturday evening that the question is why came over the US government that sees itself a big power.

Vaezi said thst since Trump took office, he has made numerous mistakes in various fields, including the way and depth of relations with US allies and his approach toward US domestic issues.

He added that Trump's popularity has fallen in the past three years and his problems increased; the US government did very badly in fight against COVID-19 and there have been protests in all over the US over the past two months and many other issues.

There are 70 days left to the US election day and polls show that Trump will lose, so now he embarked on a populist move to escape the impasse, Vaezi said, adding that US created a media hype that went on 50 days and thought that when they take the draft resolution to the UNSC, all countries would follow it and extend arms embargo on Iran. Then, they could sell it to the Americans as a big achievement.

The US had never had "such a humiliating defeat". Now the White House intends to use an agreement, which it is not a participant in, he said.

The US claims that it is still a part of UNSCR 2231 and can invoke snapback clause.

Before Iran says anything, China, Russia, and European trio announced in statements that the US deduction has no legal bases and also UNSC members one by one wrote letters to say that they do not accept US demand, Vaezi said.

He added that the US claims that the sanctions will come back in 30 days, whereas the period starts after all the sessions of the member states are held and procedures are followed. Now, the 4+1 have not accepted the US claims; the UNSC does not accept it; and basically, the US is not a participant to the deal.

One concern of Trump is that when his government is over, and Democrats take the office in the White House, they may come back to the JCPOA. So he is trying his best to totally destroy the deal, he said.

He added that the Europeans clearly intend to keep the deal; they are willing do their commitments, but their banks and private sectors are interwoven with the US economy and that they have a huge market in the US. When Trump openly threatens them, they see the contrast of interests.

After a week after the humiliating defeat, Pompeo himself came on stage to urge the UN to restore all sanctions on Iran by the snapback invocation accusing Iran to have violated its JCPOA commitments.

Pompeo delivered a letter to the UN on Friday for snapback invocation against Iran in order to bring back in 30 days the sanctions lifted by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the UNSCR 2231, four permanent and nine non-permanent members of the Security Council declared that Washington’s demand has no legal basis.

In the first 24 hours after Pompeo delivered a letter, four permanent and nine non-permanent members of the Security Council voiced that Washington’s demand has no legal basis.

Vaezi said all the developments of the past 24 hours were beneficial to Iran and the JCPOA.

He added that the relations between Iran with China and Russia are in a way that the JCPAO links them to Iran.

Iran's relations with China and Russia are very deep, he said.

Regarding the trip of Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi to Iran that is to be made this week, Vaezi said the trip will be made to reach a framework to answer the questions about Iran's nuclear activities.


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